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January 22


What is the #1 Arbitrage Betting Software / Finder in Australia?

Are you interested in getting started with sports arbitrage betting but wondering which is the best arbitrage betting software in Australia?

Sports arbitrage betting can be an excellent way to make some money on the side, but without an arbitrage bet finder to locate the arbitrage bets for you, you will spend hours searching for arbitrage bets and only find a handful.

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Many articles out there discussing the best arbitrage betting software are looking at it from a European perspective, so they often recommend arbitrage bet finders that cover very few Australian bookmakers!

In this article, I will show you the best arbitrage betting software for Australians, based on Australian bookmakers and Australian betting legislation.

What is the Purpose of Arbitrage Betting Software?

In case you are new to sports arbitrage, arbitrage betting opportunities occur when the odds provided by bookmakers for a particular match satisfy a very specific set of conditions.

If you can find high enough odds that allow you to bet on all possible outcomes of a sporting event and profit regardless of the result, you have found an arbitrage bet.

Note: Unlike betting on ‘fixed’ matches, arbitrage betting is 100% legal as it just involves placing bets with 2 or more bookmakers. As arbers, we are simply choosing the odds with the best value.

For example, if Bet365 has different odds to TAB, it is possible to place a bet with both of them and profit regardless of the outcome. You can see some examples here.

The thing is, these arbitrage betting opportunities are not that common. You could spend hours and hours looking through the odds for many matches with many bookmakers and maybe only find a handful of arbitrage bets.


That’s where the arbitrage bet finders are useful.

Arbitrage betting software scans the odds for tens if not hundreds of bookmakers for many, many sports, tournaments and matches.

When it finds a potential arbitrage bet, it will calculate the profit margin and then alert you.

The software typically has an integrated calculator that will let you know how much to bet on each side, with options for rounding or biasing your stakes. You simply click on the bet button, and the software will load up the relevant pages for that event on the bookmaker sites.

You simply confirm the stake for each site and place the bet. The more bets you place, the more you will profit.

Arbitrage betting software essentially allows you to spend (much) less time on the boring part (searching for arbs), and more time on the profitable part (placing bets)!

As you would expect, something as valuable as this doesn’t come for free!

What is the Best Arbitrage Betting Software for Australians?

So that brings us to the question you are here for - what is the ultimate arbitrage bet finder for Australians?

Well, in my opinion, the answer is clear - BonusBank. BonusBank is the only arbitrage betting software out there that truly caters to the Australian market.

BonusBank logo

You may have seen my other articles recommending RebelBetting as the best arbitrage betting software out there but for Australians, it really is no comparison to BonusBank.

And this is for two very simple reasons, BonusBank covers 18 Australian bookmakers and costs $59 per month, while RebelBetting covers 2 Australian bookmakers and costs €99 per month.

Promo Code!

BonusBank is currently running a promotion for readers of! Use the button below and enter the code ‘ARBACADEMY’ at checkout to get 25% off your first month!

While I think that RebelBetting is a great piece of software, it just isn’t that useful for Australians unless you are willing to open many accounts with international bookmakers.

If you only plan on doing arbitrage betting with Australian bookmakers, BonusBank will be perfect for you. It also comes with a ton of matched betting tutorials and daily updated promo offers which is great for boosting your balance.

If you would like more information, read on as I review the arbitrage bet finder component of BonusBank.

BonusBank Review - Best Arbitrage Bet Finder in Australia?

  • Access to 18 Australian bookmakers
  • Clean, crisp interface
  • Free trial
  • Low price
  • Daily matched betting promos included for free
  • Filtering quite limited
  • Only win markets covered (no asian handicap/line arbs)
  • No middles
  • Only 7 sports covered

BonusBank started as a matched betting service and this is still its core business, but they have recently created some dutching software as part of their premium subscription.

This is what we are most interested in for arbitrage betting!

Layout and Interface

One of things I like most about the BonusBank arbitrage betting software is its clean and simple interface. Unlike other software, they don’t try to cram too much information onto each page.

At a glance, you can easily get an understanding of the arbs on offer, and your expected profit from each one.

BonusBank layout

The sport, match start time and relevant teams are displayed along the left, and the bookmakers, associated odds and expected profit margin are displayed on the right.

My initial impression when trying to place an arbitrage bet with their software for the first time was that it was difficult to compare bookmaker odds for a particular event.

However, I quickly realised that once you identify a match with an arbitrage bet, you can type the team names into the ‘event’ field and you will then be able to view all of the bookmaker odds for that particular match.

Arbitrage Bet Finder Australia

This helps you determine how safe it is to pursue an arb, and what your backup options are in the event of the odds changing before you place your bets, or one of your bets being rejected.

Number of Arbs Found

Unfortunately, BonusBank only supports 7 sports and 18 bookmakers, which is quite low for an arbitrage betting software (some support hundreds of bookmakers and tens of sports!).

However, the bookmakers they do cover all allow Australian customers (unlike other arbing software which only cover a couple of Aussie bookmakers) and the 7 sports they do cover are where the majority of all arbitrage bets come from, so BonusBank still has the greatest number of arbs for Australians of any arbitrage bet finder out there.

A downside of the BonusBank software is that they only cover win markets in their dutching software. This means that you won’t be able to find any middles, or line/asian handicap arbs.

Arbitrage Bet Finder Australia

To be honest, if you want to preserve your account and prevent it from being gubbed for as long as possible, it’s not wise to be betting too heavily on the more obscure markets anyway, but BonusBank doesn’t really give you the option as they don’t show them anyway.

All in all, BonusBank doesn’t have too many arbs on offer at any point in time, but for a casual arber, it will be enough.

BonusBank Bookmakers

BonusBank covers the following bookmakers as part of their arbitrage betting software.

BonusBank Supported Bookmakers (click to expand)

  • Bet365
  • Beteasy
  • Ladbrokes
  • Neds Group
  • Palmerbet
  • Playup
  • Pointsbet
  • Sportsbet
  • Sportsbetting
  • Tab
  • Tab Touch
  • Topsport
  • Ubet
  • Unibet

BonusBank Sports

BonusBank covers the following sports:

BonusBank Supported Sports (click to expand)

  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • NFL
  • NRL
  • Soccer
  • Tennis


Integrated Arbitrage Betting Calculator

The BonusBank dutching software comes with a built in betting calculator which automatically calculates your stakes for each leg of the arbitrage bet.

Compared to other arbitrage betting calculators, it is fairly simple and straightforward, but it gets the job done.

You can select whether your stakes will be rounded (I highly recommend that you do this to disguise your arbitrage betting activity from the bookmakers), although it only allows rounding to nearest $5.

You can also adjust the stakes for any leg of the arb, to match your betting limits or the remaining funds in your bookmaker accounts.

Arbitrage Betting Software Australia

There are no options for advanced rounding, or biasing your stakes to favour a particular outcome.

If you are interested in a more advanced arbitrage betting calculator, feel free to check out the arbitrage betting calculator here on The Arb Academy.


The filtering in BonusBank is fairly limited, but it’s enough to get the job done.

The following filters are available:

  • Number of legs (either 2 or 3) in the arbitrage bet
  • Sport type
  • Particular team
  • Bookmaker
BonusBank sports

Filtering by sports

The bookmaker filtering is not perfect however, as there is no way to filter out multiple bookmakers at once (ie. those which you don’t have accounts with).

The filtering allows you to force the software to show arbs with a selected bookmaker, but not exclude based on bookmakers.

I also wish that they would add filtering for the expected profit/loss column. This would allow you to filter out the odds combinations which don’t result in an arbitrage bet, making it easier to see how many arbitrage bets are on offer at any point in time.

BonusBank Community

BonusBank premium membership comes with an active Facebook group of 1,500+ members, as well as live chat functionality on the website, where you can chat with other members about any ideas or issues that you have been having.

BonusBank Facebook group

BonusBank Facebook group

BonusBank chat group

BonusBank chat group

BonusBank founder Nico is very active in these groups and responds quickly to any queries.

Matched Betting Promos

As I mentioned earlier, BonusBank was originally started as a matched betting website.

This means that in addition to the arb finder software, you will have access to all of their matched betting calculators and daily updated promos.

This is a great way to boost your balance in between arbitrage bets.


This is where BonusBank really shines. It is far cheaper than the other major arbitrage betting software options out there.

Whereas they commonly cost more than $100 per month, BonusBank comes in at just $59 per month, or even less if you purchase a few months worth of subscription in advance.

BonusBank pricing

Even better, BonusBank has announced that they are offering 25% off the first month’s subscription for TheArbAcademy readers!

Simply enter the code ‘ARBACADEMY’ at the checkout when purchasing a Premium Monthly subscription.

At $59 per month, you will pay off your monthly membership fee within just a few arbitrage bets! The rest is pure profit for you!

BonusBank Free Trial

BonusBank do offer a free trial, but it is of their matched betting software, not their arbitrage betting software!

You have to get a premium membership to try out the arbitrage bet finder.

Conclusion - Best Arbitrage Betting Software in Australia

So, what is the best arbitrage betting software in Australia?

Well, hopefully you can see from this article that BonusBank is hands down the best arbitrage bet finder for Australians!

No other arb software covers as many Australian bookmakers with such a beginner friendly user interface for such a low price!

I highly recommend BonusBank and I think that once you try them, you will too!

If you want to give them a go, use the code ‘ARBACADEMY’ to get 25% off!

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