Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a popular betting strategy used by those who have exhausted their matched betting opportunities.

Read on below to find out more about arbitrage betting, as well as access useful resources to help you start making money as soon as possible!

Arbitrage Betting

What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting involves betting on all possible outcomes of a match, and profiting regardless of which one occurs.

This is only possible on matches where 2 or more bookmakers have quite different opinions on the probability of an outcome occurring (and therefore have quite different odds).

Thankfully, thousands of these opportunities arise every day, due to the huge number of sports and matches that you can bet on, as well as the ever-increasing number of bookmakers.

Use the resources below to get started, or sign up to the 100% free video course designed to help you get started with arbitrage betting!


“With arbitrage betting you will win every time, but your long term profits will be lower than with value betting.”

Louis - The Arb Academy Founder

Risk Level = Very Low

You will be betting on all possible outcomes of a match, so you will profit regardless of which one occurs.

Difficulty = Moderate

You will be placing 2-3 bets in quick succession for arbitrage betting. Speed and attention to detail are key.

Bankroll Required = Moderate

You will need at least $/£/€2,000 to get started with arbitrage betting.

Profits = Moderate

Depending on how many hours you are willing to spend, expect to make 5-10% of your bankroll per month.

Expected Life = Moderate

You can expect to do arbitrage betting for around 3-6 months before getting your stakes limited with most bookies.

Get Started With Arbitrage Betting - Top Resources

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What is Arbitrage Betting?

This is a simple guide to help you understand the concepts behind arbitrage betting. It is designed to be suitable even for those who have never placed a bet before.

It will answer all of your questions, as well as explain the pros and cons of this profitable betting strategy.

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Arbitrage Calculations - Understanding The Maths

This is a detailed guide on the powerful mathematics underpinning arbitrage betting. It includes detailed examples and quizzes to help you cement your knowledge.

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Arbitrage Betting Calculator

Use this unique calculator developed by The Arb Academy to help you determine whether an arbitrage betting opportunity exists.

Enter the odds and the calculator will automatically calculate whether an arb exists, the profit margin, the necessary stakes to maximise your profits, and will auto-round your stakes to avoid suspicion with the bookmakers.

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How to Find Arbitrage Bets - 3 Foolproof Methods

Watch this video guide on how to find arbitrage bets. I explain the 3 ways to find arbitrage bets, as well as which one I personally recommend.

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Free Arbitrage Betting Software

Arbitrage betting software is crucial making decent money with this betting strategy. The software compares the odds for thousands of matches and tons of bookmakers to find arbitrage betting opportunities for you!

Find out which free software I recommend in this article!

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Best Premium Arbitrage Betting Software

Ready to upgrade from the limited free software to premium, unrestricted arbitrage betting software?

This article will show what you should look for in premium software, and which one I recommend!

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Best Bookmakers for Arbitrage Betting

Did you know that there are two types of bookmakers? Both of them are essential to arbitrage betting, but they play quite different roles.

Find out which bookmakers I recommend in this detailed article.

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What is a Gubbing? How Do I Avoid It?

An inevitable fact of arbitrage betting is that the bookmakers will eventually restrict your maximum stakes down to very low amounts if they suspect that you are doing arbitrage betting.

This is known as gubbing. Find out how to avoid being gubbed in this article!

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