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March 19


What are the Best Matched Betting Sites in Australia? OddsMonkey Alternatives!

So you’ve heard about matched betting and you’re keen to start making some money, right? But you’re probably wondering - what are the best matched betting sites Australia? And can you use OddsMonkey in Australia?

Well, in my opinion, there are only two options you should be considering - Bonus Money and BonusBank!

In this article, I will be putting these two together for a head to head comparison so that I can give you the definitive answer on which one is the best matched betting site in Australia!

This is Bonus Money vs BonusBank! Let’s get straight into it.

OddsMonkey in Australia?

Aussies who have learned about matched betting online often ask whether OddsMonkey can be used in Australia - the answer is no, unfortunately. They are a UK based matched betting site and don't cover Australian bookmakers.

I recommend that you just stick to the sites that I recommend, as they are suitable for use in Australia!

Bonus Money vs BonusBank - Which is the Best Matched Betting Site in Australia?

The table below compares Bonus Money and BonusBank on a number of key factors.

Bonus Money


Price (per month)








FB, forum and live chat

OddsMatcher Software



Dutching Software



Bet Finder



As you can see, they are both very similar. Let’s take a look in more detail at the points of difference.

Note: Kiwis can sign up to virtually all Australian bookmakers, so they can also use Bonus Money and BonusBank to profit from matched betting! See my article on Matched Betting in New Zealand for more info!


They are pretty similar in terms of price. Bonus Money is $49 per month and BonusBank is$59 per month.

If you use the code ‘ARBS’ at Bonus Money you can get a 5 day free trial of their Pro version. Use the code ‘ARBACADEMY’ at BonusBank to get 25% off your first month.

The prices are so similar that there’s no way to determine which is the best matched betting site in Australia on this basis alone.

Winner: Draw

Tutorials and Calculators

Both options offer a ton of fantastic tutorials and guides to help you get started with matched betting. Their guides range all the way from the absolute basics of sports betting, to advanced matched betting strategies.

Both of them use video tutorials as well as text tutorials to help you understand the fundamental concepts behind matched betting.

Winner: Draw

Bonus Money Guides

Bonus Money Guides

Offer Calendar

Both services offer a list of the current bookmaker promotions on offer, updated daily.

However, Bonus Money indicate the expected value (how much profit you can expect to make) next to each promotion, which makes it really easy to figure out exactly which promotions you should target with your limited time and money.

Winner: Bonus Money

BonusBank vs Bonus Money

Bonus Money Offer Calendar


Both of them have very active communities of matched bettors, who are all very keen to discuss new ideas and strategies, as well as give guidance and support to new members.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many people would chime in with advice when a new member asked for some help.

The Bonus Money community lives entirely in their two Facebook groups (a free and a pro version).

best matched betting sites australia

Bonus Money Facebook Group

BonusBank, on the other hand, now runs their community entirely through Discord. The nice thing about this is that they have different channels for different aspects of matched betting (such as arbs, last minute promos, particular events etc.).

Here's a sample of some of the threads on their channel.

Discord servers

BonusBank's Discord server tends to be far, far more active than BonusMoney's community. There are tons of members who post arbitrage betting opportunities, staking advice and sign up bonus info on a daily basis.

The value of this is not to be underestimated. BonusBank are the winner here.

Winner: BonusBank

OddsMatcher Software

Both services offer high quality odds matching software, to help you find the optimal bets and maximise your profits!

The Bonus Money odds matcher has slightly better filters in my opinion, but it’s not a big deal.

Winner: Draw

best matched betting software australia

BonusBank Odds Matching Software

Horse Racing Software

Both services have a Google Chrome extension for extracting value from horse racing promotions. They operate in a similar manner, so there’s no real difference here either.

Winner: Draw

matched betting australia

Bonus Money's 'Matcha' extension for horse racing promotions

Dutching Software

This is where things start to get interesting. BonusBank have got Australia’s only dutching software.

This allows you to compare odds between bookmakers (not Betfair) to find arbitrage bets that exist between them. Arbitrage bets occur when the bookmaker odds are such that you can back all possible outcomes and still make a profit, regardless of the outcome!

OddsMonkey Australia

BonusBank Dutching Software

This can be a useful way to extract extra profit out of your bookmaker accounts once they have been promo banned.

BonusBank offer this entirely for free as part of their matched betting service, which is great.

The majority of arbitrage bets exist between soft bookmakers and sharp bookmakers. Unfortunately, there are no longer any sharp bookmakers operating in Australia, as Pinnacle pulled out of the Australian market a few years ago.

This means that the BonusBank dutching software finds very few arbitrage bets these days. It isn’t entirely useless however, as it can be a good way to find bets when you want to play off a bonus bet against another bookmaker rather than an exchange.

Winner: BonusBank

Bet Finder

The Bet Finder is unique to Bonus Money. It takes all of the data from their odds matcher and distils it down into an incredibly user friendly form.

Rather than trawling through the odds matching software to look for a suitable bet, it asks you a few simple questions about the type of bet that you want to place (such as the bookmaker, whether it’s a qualifying or bonus bet etc.) and then tells you exactly what to place your bet on to maximise your profit.

best matched betting software australia

Bonus Money Bet Finder

The Bet Finder is especially helpful for beginner matched bettors who are still trying to get their head around matched betting concepts, and don’t fully understand how to use the odds matching software.

It’s also great for casual matched bettors who want to place a few bets here and there, but don’t want to spend hours reading guides and tutorials on matched betting.

The Bet Finder is unique to Bonus Money.

Winner: Bonus Money

Conclusion - Which is the Best Matched Betting Site Australia?

Personally, I think that BonusBank is the best matched betting site in Australia, largely thanks to their amazing community that provides incredible value above and beyond what the standard matched betting software can offer you.

They are both excellent matched betting services, with very few differences.

BonusBank have Australia’s only dutching software, but with the departure of Pinnacle from the Australian market, this is unfortunately not very useful anymore.

Bonus Money have the Bet Finder, which is an excellent, beginner friendly tool for matched bettors. It allows you to start profiting immediately from matched betting, without reading a lot of guides and playing around with the odds matching software.

I also quite like the way that Bonus Money display the expected value next to each of the bookmaker promotions, this is another great feature to help beginners.

If you want more information, feel free to check out my full reviews for Bonus Money and BonusBank:

Also, don’t forget to use the following coupon codes if you are interested in signing up with either of them:

ARBS’ at Bonus Money will give you a 5 day free trial of their Pro service
ARBACADEMY’ at BonusBank will give you 25% off your first month

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of the best matched betting sites / software in Australia! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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