June 30, 2020

Best VPN for Matched Betting: Bet Anywhere For Only $0.83/mth!

​Are you interested in doing matched betting while travelling, but are frustrated by the geoblocks the bookmakers use to prevent you from betting while overseas? Well in this article, I will show you which is the best VPN for matched betting, so that you can safely and securely use an IP address from your home country while overseas.

I have compared the best VPNs out there, to let you know which one is the best for matched betting!

With a VPN, you can make money from matched betting while living overseas or on holiday, while knowing that your banking and identity data is safe from online thieves!

​What is a VPN?

​Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the internet allows you to mask your Internet Protocol (IP) address from the websites that you access, as well as encrypting your browsing activity to prevent any unauthorised access.

Essentially, a VPN allows you to be living overseas, but access the internet securely with an IP address from your home country (or any other country that you prefer).

​What are the benefits of using a VPN for Matched Betting?

​Browse Safely and Securely

​If you are traveling or living overseas, you will often have to access the internet using unsecured hotspots (WiFi networks without any security).

This can expose you to potential hacking of your sensitive information. As matched bettors especially, we will be accessing our bank accounts, bookmaker accounts and other sensitive payment information.

A VPN will encrypt our browsing and prevent anyone from gaining access to ​our identity or banking data.

​Keep Profiting While Travelling!

​Many bookmakers and betting exchanges have placed geoblocks on customers from certain countries. This means that depending on what country you are in, you may not be able to access your regular bookmaker accounts.

By using an IP address from your home country, you will be able to access everything as normal without any restrictions.

Some matched bettors have been able to live in SE Asia or Central America using their matched betting profits!

​Eliminate Restrictions on Accounts From Same Address

​Some bookmakers put restrictions on people opening a second account from the same IP address, as they are worried about people using multiple accounts.

If your partner has already opened a bookmaker account from your address, you may find that you are restricted from opening an account as well.

A VPN will allow you to use a different IP address from within your home country to get around this restriction.

​What ​Should you ​Consider when purchasing a VPN for Matched Betting?


​The whole point of matched betting is to make money, so we want to minimise how much we are spending on tools such as VPNs.

​Available ​Countries

​If you originally set up your bookmaker and betting exchange accounts in your home country, you will need to make sure that the VPN you select has servers in your country (therefore allowing you to use an IP from that country).

Cheaper VPN services typically have fewer supported countries.

​Number of ​Simultaneous ​Devices

​If you have multiple devices that you want to connect to the VPN, ensure that the company you go with supports multiple connections.

​Kill ​Switch

​An important part of any VPN is the kill switch. A kill switch automatically shuts off your internet connection if it can’t access the VPN servers for any reason.

This is critical as if you are halfway through browsing a bookmaker website and you suddenly lose connection with your VPN for some reason, the bookmaker will be able to see that your IP address has suddenly changed (to an entirely different country!) and they may decide to restrict your account!

​Data ​Logging and ​Encryption

​A good VPN should securely encrypt all of your internet browsing and refuse to keep any logs of your browsing history.

​Malware ​Protection and Adblocker

​Malware and adblocking has become standard for VPNs these days, and it is nice to have these features built into your browsing.

​Customer ​Support

​Excellent customer support will ensure that any issues you have are swiftly resolved.

​What is the Best VPN for Matched Betting?

​So, that brings us to the question you really want to know - which is the best VPN for matched betting?

I have examined a number of VPNs, and the best 2 are in the table below. Prices are in USD and EUR.



​Price (1 month)

​$10/mth (€8.9)

​$11/mth (€9.8)

​Price (1 ​year)

​$2.49/mth (€2.2)

​$6.49/mth (€5.8)

​Price (​3 ​years)

​$1.11/mth (€1.0)


​Price (​5 ​years)

​$0.83/mth (€0.7)


​Supported Countries



​# of Connections



​Malware + Adblocker



​Kill Switch






​No Data Logging?



​24/7 Support



​Overall, I think FastestVPN is the best VPN out there for matched bettors. It is far cheaper than most of its competitors, but offers all of the same great features.

The only downside is that it only has servers in 31 countries. If FastestVPN does not have a server in your home country (where you originally set up all of your accounts), they won’t be much use to you.

Check out the list of FastestVPN supported countries below.

​​​FastestVPN Supported ​Countries (click to expand)

  • ​Australia
  • ​Austria
  • ​Belgium
  • ​Brazil
  • ​Bulgaria
  • ​Canada
  • ​Czech Republic
  • ​Egypt
  • ​Finland
  • ​France
  • ​Germany
  • ​Hong Kong
  • ​India
  • ​Italy
  • ​Japan
  • ​Luxembourg
  • ​Norway
  • ​Netherlands
  • ​Poland
  • ​Russia
  • ​Romania
  • ​Serbia
  • ​Switzerland
  • ​South Korea
  • ​Sweden
  • ​Singapore
  • ​Spain
  • ​Turkey
  • ​United States
  • ​United Arab Emirates
  • ​UK

If your country is not there, I recommend you go with PureVPN as a backup option. They are more expensive than FastestVPN, but they cover 140+ countries​.

Matched Betting VPN

​Conclusion - Best Matched Betting VPN

​So, what is the best VPN for matched betting? FastestVPN allows you to access the internet safely and securely from any country, using an IP address from your home country.

Whether it’s an unsecured hotspot in a cafe, or the hotel WiFi, you will be able to access all of your bookmaker and betting exchange accounts without any problems.

It is also one of the most budget friendly VPNs out there, costing as little as $0.83 per month on their 5 year plan.

However, it only has servers in 31 countries, so if your home country is not on their supported list, consider using PureVPN, as they cover many more countries, but at a slightly higher monthly price.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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