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January 7


Bonus Money Review 2023: Best Matched Betting site for Aussies?

Want to get started with matched betting in Australia but wondering want to know whether is the best option for you? In this honest Bonus Money review, I will show you the pros and cons of Bonus Money Pro relative to the other Australian matched betting sites.

By the end of this BonusMoney review, you will know whether it is the right matched betting software for you!

What are the Most Important Factors When Choosing A Matched Betting Site?

Before we start looking at the pros and cons of Bonus Money, let’s take a quick look at the most important things we should consider when choosing a matched betting service.


Pretty straightforward! We’re here to make money, and every extra dollar that we spend on a subscription fee is a dollar less in profit at the end of the month.

Frequency of promo updates

The promotions offered by the bookmakers are the main way we make money as matched bettors!

A premium matched betting service should provide you with an update of all available promos at least once a day, to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything!

Number of Australian bookmakers covered

More bookmakers means more potential promos and more bookmakers to sign up to when your accounts start getting gubbed (limited).

Having more bookmaker options gives you a longer career as a matched bettor!

Number of sports covered

More sports again means more promos and therefore more profits!


Some of the promos offered by the bookmakers can be quite complicated and it can be difficult to get your head around how to actually take advantage of them!

Having fellow matched bettors to chat to in a community allows you to bounce ideas off them and get some advice when you need it.

Odds comparison tools

Being able to compare the odds for multiple bookmakers and multiple matches allows you to rapidly find the most profitable bet on which to activate your bookmaker promotion. Without this, you are left to go hunting for the bets yourself.


Backing and laying bets at an exchange is complicated, especially when you consider the commission that the exchange takes. An easy to use calculator will ensure you never make any mistakes.

Matched betting tutorials

Beginners to matched betting will find the concept and the jargon a little confusing at first. What is a 4 leg multi? What does it mean to back a bet vs. to lay a bet?

A good matched betting service should have plenty of tutorials to help you get your head around it all.

Bonus Money Review - How Does it Fare?

Well, based on all of the factors outlined above, Bonus Money actually does quite well!

Bonus Money

Price (per month)






Promo Updates

Daily (w/ EV calculated)






Active on Facebook

Here are the main pros and cons of Bonus Money!

  • Promos updated daily and expected value calculated
  • Tons of detailed tutorials and calculators
  • Biweekly podcast discussing latest matched betting strategies
  • Covers 17 Aussie bookmakers
  • Clean, crisp interface
  • Free trial available
  • Oddsmatcher software
  • ‘Matcha’ software for horse racing promotions
  • ‘BetFinder’ software is a simplified oddsmatcher for beginners
  • Active community
  • No dutching software for bookmaker to bookmaker arbitrage bets
  • OddsMatcher software runs a little slow at times

Let's take a look at the main features of Bonus Money Pro in detail.

Matched Betting Tutorials

Many people who get started with matched betting have never placed a bet before in their life!

Even for those who have, the concepts and terminology surrounding matched betting is quite confusing, so Bonus Money have put together a ton of tutorials to help bring you up to scratch.

Bonus Money Guides

There are over 20 tutorials and guides, which range from simple ones describing how to set up a bookmaker account and get your ID verified, to guides on how to take advantage of each way arbitrage betting.

Bonus Money review

As they say in the tutorials, you don’t need to consume them all at once, there is no point rushing and overloading yourself.

Read a few guides, practice putting the concepts into action until you have mastered it. Then move on to the more advanced tactics.

Many of the tutorials come with accompanying video guides so that you can watch the Bonus Money team put their matched betting ideas into action!


Bonus Money has an offer calendar which lists the daily promos on offer by the bookmakers. One thing I particularly like about the Bonus Money offer calendar relative to BonusBank, is the fact that they calculate the expected value (assuming a modest 70% return) for each daily promo.

At a glance, you know whether pursuing a promo is worth your time or not.

Bonus Money promos

The example above shows the bookmaker promotions available for 2 particular horse races. You can quickly see that the Ladbrokes offer on the first race is more profitable than the offers on the second race.

OddsMatcher Software

The OddsMatcher is where you will spend most of your time on Bonus Money. It compares the odds for hundreds of matches with 17 bookmakers and 5 sports, to find you the most profitable bets.

You can sort the bets by retention (SNR) to ensure that you aren’t losing too much value when placing your bonus bets, or by qualifying loss (turnover) to ensure that you aren’t sacrificing too much of your capital when unlocking bonus bets.

Bonus Money oddsmatcher

The date, sport, event, match start time and relevant bookmaker are along the left. The back/lay odds, liquidity and potential profit/loss are along the right.

I much prefer the bookmaker filtering with Bonus Money (compared to BonusBank), as you can select/deselect the bookmakers you want to be included in the bets shown by the OddsMatcher.

Bonus Money bookmaker filtering

This prevents you from wading through tons of bets with bookmakers that you don’t even have accounts with.

There’s also the option to filter the bets by min/max odds, minimum SNR, minimum turnover, time to match start and minimum liquidity.

Bonus Money pro

These are excellent filters, particularly the minimum SNR and turnover, which is something that BonusBank doesn’t have on their oddsmatcher.


Matcha is a Google Chrome extension that helps you take advantage of horse racing promotions, by quickly comparing bookmaker and Betfair odds within your browser.

For users who don’t have Google Chrome, you will need to download it to take advantage of this Bonus Money feature.

When opening a horse racing event on a bookmaker’s website while Matcha is running will result in an extra line appearing under each horse, which shows you the Betfair stats for laying the same horse.


You can tweak the Matcha settings to suit your needs.

Matcha settings

Bet Finder

The Bet Finder is an outstanding piece of software by Bonus Money that really simplifies the whole matched betting process. It is designed to find the best possible bet for you based on a few simple parameters that you set.

It takes the data from the OddsMatcher but converts it into a simple, human-friendly form. You enter the following info, and the Bet Finder finds the optimal bet and stake for you to maximise your profits:

  1. Choose the bookmaker where you need to make a bet
  2. Select whether it is a bonus bet or qualifying bet
  3. Enter your desired stake
  4. See your results!
Bonus Money Bet Finder

It is perfect for beginner matched bettors, or those who are overwhelmed by the vast number of bets in the OddsMatcher.

Matched Betting Calculators

Most of the promotions offered by the bookmakers come with a long list of terms and conditions, often specifying that you must turn over your winnings X number of times before they can be withdrawn etc.

Bonus Money have developed a total of 10 different calculators which allow you to determine the optimal betting strategy regardless of the conditions you have to meet.

These range from the standard back/lay calculators up to advanced expected value simulators.

Bonus Money expected value calculator

Some of these calculators are very powerful and can help you with arbitrage/dutch betting and other forms of betting.


Bonus Money has a very active community of matched bettors who are keen to share their knowledge and discuss new strategies with fellow Bonus Money users.

They congregate in the Bonus Money Facebook group (there is a free group and pro group).

Bonus Money Facebook

Feel free to ask any questions here and someone will help you out pretty quickly. Bonus Money’s Sam and Chris are very active in these groups.

Bonus Money Bookmakers

Bonus Money cover the following Australian bookmakers as part of their matched betting service.

Bonus Money Supported Bookmakers (click to expand)

  • Bbet
  • BestBet
  • Bet365
  • Beteasy
  • BetStar
  • BettingClub
  • BlueBet
  • Bookmaker
  • ClassicBet
  • Ladbrokes
  • Madbookie
  • Neds
  • Palmerbet
  • Playup
  • Pointsbet
  • Sportsbet
  • Sportsbetting
  • Tab
  • Tab NZ
  • Tab Touch
  • TopBetta
  • Ubet
  • Unibet

Bonus Money Sports

Bonus Money support the following sports.

Bonus Money Supported Sports (click to expand)

  • AFL
  • Greyhound racing
  • Harness racing
  • Horse racing
  • NRL
  • Soccer

Bonus Money Pricing - (+ Free Trial!)

Bonus Money is priced very similarly to BonusBank, at $49 per month. If you have read the entire review to this point, you will know that everything they are offering is excellent value for just $49 per month.

You will have no trouble paying for monthly fee and making a significant profit on top.

Free Trial!

I am pleased to announce that Bonus Money is currently offering a FREE 7 day trial of their pro service for readers of

Simply use the button below to receive a FREE 7 day trial!

Bonus Money do not offer a 6 month or annual subscription unfortunately, so there is no discount for (or ability to) sign up for long periods at a time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty fees.

Still on the fence? Check out my video review below for more info.

Bonus Money Review - #1 Matched Betting Site for Aussies?



Bonus Money Review - Conclusion

Hopefully you can see from this Bonus Money review that they are an outstanding matched betting site.

They offer a ton of guides, tutorials, calculators and software to ensure that you start profiting from matched betting soon after signing up!

While matched betting might not be something that you can do forever, it is a decent way to make some extra money on the side until your accounts eventually get limited by the bookmakers.

I truly believe that Bonus Money is one of the best matched betting sites for Australians and that they can help you greatly on your matched betting journey. I highly recommend that you try out their pro service for free for 7 days (use link below).

Any further questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Reviewer: Louis

Review Date: 2020-06-15

Reviewed Item: Bonus Money Matched Betting Service

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