Arbitrage Betting: The Ultimate Guide

19 Lessons

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Move beyond the basics and learn how to actually earn decent money from arbitrage betting! Follow my exact steps for making $500+/month from online sports betting!

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Chapter 5: How To Place Your First Arbitrage Bet 3 Lessons

Lesson 5.1: How To Choose An Arbitrage Bet

Find out how to select the perfect arbitrage bet to ensure that you maximise your profits, but minimise your risk of getting caught out and losing money.

Lesson 5.2: Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, getting your bet rejected by a bookmaker is more common than you might think. Find out why it happens, and what to do if your bet is rejected by a bookie.

Lesson 5.3: How To Place Your First Arbitrage Bet

Watch over my shoulder as I show you all of the steps necessary to place your first arbitrage bet.


Chapter 6: Defensive Arbing 3 Lessons

Lesson 6.1: What Is Gubbing?

What does it mean when a bookmaker restricts our accounts? Why is this so bad for arbitrage bettors? What is gubbing? Find out in this lesson.

Lesson 6.2: How Do Bookmakers Know We Are Arbing?

Find out the dead giveaways that expose us as arbitrage bettors to the bookmakers, as well as the not-so-obvious tricks the bookmakers use to track us.

Lesson 6.3: Defensive Arbing Tactics

Find out what you need to do keep yourself under the bookmakers' radars and avoid detection! These techniques have the potential to massively increase your bookmaker account lifetimes!


Chapter 7: Advanced Arb Types 3 Lessons

Lesson 7.1: Benefits Of Going After Advanced Arbs

Why bother going after the more complicated arbitrage bets? Aren't the basic one we already learned about enough? Find out in this lesson.

Lesson 7.2: Middles (Standard, Negative & Polish)

Find out about arbitrage middles - a unique type of arbitrage bet with the potential for a huge payoff!

Lesson 7.3: Cross-market Arbs

This is a special type of arb that is rarely detected by the bookmakers, so you can use these to boost your profits while appearing to be a regular punter!


Chapter 8: Using Betting Exchanges 4 Lessons

Lesson 8.1: Betting Exchanges Explained

Have you ever wondered what a betting exchange is, and how it differs to a bookmaker? Find out in this lesson.

Lesson 8.2: Laying A Bet

The most useful thing about a betting exchange is the ability to 'lay', rather than 'back' a bet. Find out why this is the case.

Lesson 8.3: How To Do Arbitrage Betting On An Exchange

Find out how to find and execute arbitrage bets for profit using a betting exchange and a soft bookmaker!

Lesson 8.4: Recommended Betting Exchanges

Find out which betting exchanges I recommend and why. Learn about the different commission structures they use and how this affects your arbitrage betting profits!


Chapter 9: Live Arbitrage Betting 2 Lessons

Lesson 9.1: What Is Live Arbitrage Betting?

Learn about doing arbitrage betting on live, in-play matches, and why live arbitrage betting can have greater risk but greater reward!

Lesson 9.2: Best Services For Live Arbitrage Betting

Wondering which service you should use to capitalise on live arbitrage betting? Find out here!


Chapter 10: Gnoming & Multi-Accounting 2 Lessons

Lesson 10.1: What Is Gnoming/Multi-Accounting?

This is a detailed introduction to gnoming for arbitrage betting, as well as my thoughts on it.

Lesson 10.2: How To Do Gnoming?

Here are some tips on how to do gnoming without it being obvious to the bookmakers.


Chapter 11: Sharbing 2 Lessons

Lesson 11.1: What Is Sharbing?

Sharbing is a unique way to do in-person arbitrage betting. It allows you to get around bookmaker restrictions and keep profiting!

Lesson 11.2: How To Sharb Successfully

Here are my tips and tricks for successful sharbing!