Arbitrage Betting Basics

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This is a beginner-friendly course designed to help you make your first profits from arbitrage betting!

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Course Structure


Chapter 1: Getting Started 3 Lessons

Lesson 1.1: What you’ll get out of this course

This lesson is all about letting you know what you can expect to get out of this course, as well as why I can offer it for free to everyone.

Lesson 1.2: How much money can you make?

Find out how much money you can earn from arbitrage betting. This lesson is all about setting realistic expectations for how much you can expect to earn.

Lesson 1.3: Requirements for successful arbitrage betting

Find out whether you satisfy the necessary conditions to become a successful arbitrage bettor!


Chapter 2: What Is Arbitrage Betting? 5 Lessons

Lesson 2.1: How does arbitrage betting work?

Find out how arbitrage betting works, and how you can exploit specific bookmaker odds for profit!

Lesson 2.2: Arbitrage betting examples and calculations

Learn how to figure out whether an arbitrage bet exists for a given set of odds, and how much you should stake to lock in a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome.

Lesson 2.3: Arbitrage betting calculator

Find out how you can use The Arb Academy's arbitrage betting calculator to determine whether an arbitrage betting opportunity exists and how much you should stake to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome!

Lesson 2.4: Is Arbitrage Betting Legal?

Find out whether it is legal to do arbitrage betting.

Lesson 2.5: What are the risks?

Arbitrage betting is often made out to be 'risk-free'. This is not the case, as you'll see in this lesson.


Chapter 3: Preparing For Success 4 Lessons

Lesson 3.1: Accounting

Learn how to best keep track of your money while betting. You will have large sums of money moving between your bookmaker accounts and bank account, so it's easy to lose track of everything if you aren't careful!

Lesson 3.2: ID Verification

Find out why the bookmakers need to verify your ID. Without this, you can't withdraw your funds from your bookmaker accounts!

Lesson 3.3: Signing Up For Bookmaker Accounts

Which bookmaker should I sign up to? What's the difference between soft and sharp bookmakers? Which ones ban arbitrage bettors? All these questions and more will be answered in this lesson!

Lesson 3.4: Betting Brokers

Not able to access Pinnacle or betting exchanges in your country? Consider using a betting broker! They can act as intermediaries between bookmakers and bettors. Find out who is the best free betting broker!


Chapter 4: How to Find Arbitrage Bets 4 Lessons

Lesson 4.1: How Do I Find Arbitrage Bets?

Now that you know how to calculate whether an arbitrage bet exists, and what the optimal stakes should be to maximise your profits, let's talk about how to actually find these arbitrage bets!

Lesson 4.2: Manual Searching

Learn how to find arbitrage bets with manual searching! Find out why I don't recommend it, even though it is an absolutely free way to find arbitrage bets!

Lesson 4.3: Using Arbitrage Betting Software

Arbitrage betting software is the best way to boost your profits. It automates the time consuming and boring process of finding arbitrage bets and calculating your stakes, leaving you to do the profitable part, which is actually placing the bets!

Lesson 4.4: How To Choose Arbitrage Software

Wondering which arbitrage betting software is right for you? Watch as I compare the best arbitrage software out there! I will also let you know what the most important things to consider when choosing arbitrage software are.


How To Unlock The Rest Of This Course! 1 Lesson

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