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February 22


Free Value Betting Software – Which is #1 in 2024?

Would you like to get started with value betting but don’t want to spend money on expensive software packages? In this article, I will introduce the leading free value betting software, compare them, and let you know which one is best!

Value betting software can seem quite expensive if you are just starting out and don’t have much of a bankroll yet, so why not try out a few free options first and see which one you like!

Free value betting software usually has limited features and fewer value bets on offer than paid software, but it is enough when you are just getting started.

Let’s get started!

Note: To busy to read the whole article? I recommend RebelBetting as the #1 free value betting software out there, thanks to the instant feed of value bets, no limit on max profit per bet, plus an outstanding interface.

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What is the Purpose of Value Betting Software?

We know that the key to value betting is volume, that is, the more bets we place, the more we expect to profit in the long run.

If you’ve read my article on how to find value bets, you will know that without software, searching for value bets is the most time consuming part of the whole value betting process. It is the bottleneck holding you back from greater profits.

The second major bottleneck in the process is keeping track of your bets. You will be placing so many bets that the accounting can quickly become a monumental task if you don’t keep on top of it.

Value betting software solves both of these bottlenecks, in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

free value betting software

It uses algorithms to compare the odds for thousands of matches across tens of bookmakers, alerting you when potential value bets have been found! It can calculate the necessary stake for you automatically, based on your pre-determined staking plan.

It can also open up the bookmaker websites on the correct event page, with your stake already entered, leaving you to simply place the bet.

Once the bet has been placed, the software will then log your bet as pending. Once the match is complete, the software will mark your bet as either a win or a loss, and record the result in a profit tracker automatically.

Value betting software does all of the boring parts (finding bets and tracking wins/losses), leaving you to focus on the profitable part (placing bets)!

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How Does Free Value Betting Software Differ From Paid Software?

Free value betting software typically falls into one of two categories: software with full features/functionality but a limited free trial period; and software with an unlimited trial period and limited features.

Here are some of the ways that free value betting software functionality is commonly limited.

You should consider these parameters when selecting your value betting software.

Time Delay on the Value Bet Feed

A 15 or 20 minute delay on the value bet feed is quite common.

Considering that many value bets disappear within 5 to 10 minutes of being discovered, this means that you will be receiving alerts for many value bets which no longer exist, which can be quite frustrating.

Limited Profit Margin per Value Bet

The value bets displayed by the free value betting software are typically limited to a profit margin of just a few percent.

The most profitable value bets are hidden, meaning that you can only bet on the bets with poor bang for your buck.

Limited Number of Bookmakers

Whilst the premium value betting software will show you the odds from all bookmakers for a particular match, the free versions may just show you a handful of selected bookmakers.

This means that the software will find fewer value bets overall, giving you fewer options to bet on.

Limited Number of Sports

Some value betting software limit their free versions to just a few sports. Usually there are enough sports to get started, so this is also not a major limitation.

What’s the #1 Free Value Betting Software?

The 4 leading free value betting software are:

  • RebelBetting
  • Trademate Sports
  • BetBurger
  • BetOnValue

Now that we know what we should be looking for when selecting a free value betting software package, let’s take a look at how each of them compare in the tables below.

The first table is my overall rating for each of the options, for those of you who want to get started straight away:

Overall Rating

Free Trial Period

14 days

7 days



The table below compares the options in more detail.

Time Delay

Max Profit per Bet (%)



Bet Tracking











20 mins





15 mins





RebelBetting and Trademate Sports are the leading value betting software available, in my opinion. Unfortunately, they only offer limited trial periods of 14 and 7 days respectively.

RebelBetting have also generously agreed to offer 2 months for the price of 1 for readers of The Arb Academy who would like to upgrade to their premium value betting service! Use the button below to find out more.

If you are looking to try out some software before making a purchase eventually, I highly recommend RebelBetting.

If you plan on sticking with free value betting software forever (difficult but not impossible), use BetOnValue (you can also get 25% off BetOnValue by using the code ARBACADEMY25 - only applies to users who are referred from The Arb Academy).

If you want more detail on each of the software packages, read on as I review them individually!

Free Value Betting Software - Individual Reviews

RebelBetting Value Betting Review

RebelBetting has managed to strike the right balance between user friendliness and the number of features on offer in their value betting software.

Here are its main pros and cons.

  • Supports over 90 bookmakers
  • No time delay on value bet feed
  • No limit on profit margin per value bet
  • Excellent bet tracking with stats
  • Ability to set and save staking plan
  • Ability to set currency and rounding for individual bookmakers
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • 14 day free trial period

Layout and Interface

Unlike RebelBetting’s surebetting software, their value betting software can be run either as a desktop application or entirely in your browser.

Upon opening the software, it is immediately clear that it has been designed and optimised for mobile devices. Despite this, it is still entirely usable and looks good on a desktop.

I think that optimising for mobile devices makes a lot of sense, as value betting is a lot simpler to execute than arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting requires you to place a series of bets in rapid succession, locking in odds before they change.

Value betting, on the other hand, requires only a single bet be executed at once. If the odds change suddenly, you can simply pursue another value bet without fear of being exposed to losses.

I think value betting while on public transport or otherwise out and about is definitely possible!

Anyway, the interface for the RB value betting software consists of 4 main tabs/screens.

  • A ‘Bets’ tab that lists all of the currently available value bets that pass your filters.
  • An ‘Options’ tab where you can set your filters for which value bets to display, select your staking plan and starting bankroll amongst other parameters.
  • A ‘Help’ screen which acts as a manual to help you use the value betting software.
  • A ‘Tracker’ to do all of the necessary accounting for you.

The ‘Bets’ tab displays a list of the value bets that pass your filters, typically sorted by value percentage (this can be changed).

Free value betting sites

Clicking on an individual bet brings up more options and a recommended stake, based on your preset staking plan and your preferred rounding for that bookmaker.

You can adjust the stake manually if you like, then click on the bet button to bring up the bookmaker website and place the bet. Once finished, you can click the log button to log it in the built in Bet Tracker.

Starting bankroll and staking plan settings can be adjusted in the ‘Options’ tab.

Bet Details

Overall, the RebelBetting interface is simple and very easy to use.

Number of Value Bets Found

The RebelBetting software had around 150 bets on offer at any point during my testing, using the default filters with around 12 bookmakers activated.

By default, RebelBetting only shows value bets on matches that are due to start within 12 hours. This is wise as the betting odds usually become more accurate as a match start approaches.

This setting can be changed but be aware that the estimated value percentages have a high degree of uncertainty the greater the time until the start of the match.

Bet Tracking

RebelBetting’s built-in Bet Tracker allows you to easily keep track of all the value bets you have placed and their individual outcomes (win/loss).

After you have finished placing a bet, simply click the ‘Log’ button as discussed above. You will then be able to see a record of these bets in the ‘Tracker’ tab.

Bet Tracker

The software will automatically record all of the necessary details of your bet when you place it, then automatically update the outcome at the conclusion of the match.

You can also access detailed statistics on the performance of all of your bets since the beginning of your value betting journey.


It is easy to see how your true yield compares to your long term expected value, your return on investment (ROI) since starting and much more.

The reports section provides graphs of your profit over time, as well as breakdowns of your betting activity based on various bookmakers, sports and betting markets.

The RebelBetting Bet Tracker works very well and saves you from spending a lot of time updating spreadsheets and checking on the outcomes of your bets.

Anything that can save you time on these tasks will allow you to spend more time placing bets and therefore make money in the long run!

If you would like to access a 14 day free trial of the RebelBetting value betting software, use the button below!

Note: RebelBetting is currently offering a 2 for 1 discount on their value betting software for readers of The Arb Academy! If you are interested in accessing this discount, use this button!

Want more information? Check out my complete RebelBetting value betting review!

Trademate Sports Review

Trademate Sports is a premium software option with a premium price tag. They market themselves to professional or semi-professional sports bettors, and they provide a wide variety of features not seen in other value betting software.

Trademate Sports offer both a Core and a Pro product, but I will be discussing the Core product here, as it is the most comparable to the other value betting software in this article.

They offer an almost fully functional free trial (minus the analytics tool), but for only 7 days. It's more of a taste of the full version rather than software you can expect to consistently use in the free mode.

  • Supports over 90 bookmakers
  • Excellent bet tracking with detailed stats
  • Closing line EV reported
  • Ability to set and save staking plan
  • Ability to set currency for individual bookmakers
  • Detailed analytics tool
  • Odds history available for each bet
  • Multiple filtering profiles can be saved as presets
  • Free trial available
  • Quite expensive

Layout and Interface

Trademate Sports has an excellent, simple interface that has all of the necessary features for serious value betting.

When you log in, you can see your key stats at a glance:

  • Fund growth
  • Total profit
  • Average ROI
  • Number of trades
  • Total turnover

You can also see a profit graph of all of your trades, as well as a breakdown per bookmaker. The profit graph also displays the expected value at the time of placing the bet, and the expected value based on the odds at the start of the match (known as the closing expected value).

In the Tradefeed screen, you can see what EV+ bets are available, based on the filters you have selected. You can set multiple filter presets, and display them next to each other.

Trademate Sports Tradefeed

Selecting a bet will allow you to bring up the bet logging screen, where you can see the odds, recommended stake (based on your bankroll and Kelly settings), as well as the estimated edge and odds history.

Trademate Sports Bet

The odds history is a novel feature that allows you to see how a soft bookmaker’s odds have compared to the benchmark (a sharp bookmaker) over time.

The Game Center screen shows the results of recently concluded matches.

Trademate Sports Game Centre

You can also see your recent trades.

Trademate Open Trades

The help centre is packed with useful information to help you get started with value betting. There are e-books with general information about value betting, as well as tutorials to help you with specific aspects of their software.

Help Centre

Finally, you can access their Telegram service, which allows you to receive notifications about value bets via the Telegram app (a messaging service).

You can set up a specific filter preset for the types of bets you want to be notified about via Telegram, to prevent you from being overwhelmed with notifications.

Number of Value Bets Found

Trademate Sports support a large number of bookmakers and a decent number of sports, so they should be able to find a large number of value bets.

Their default, main filter preset only shows matches that are starting within 3 hours, which filters out most matches. Much like RebelBetting, this is done to ensure that there is greater confidence in the calculated edge/value.

At first glance, this makes it seem like there are not many value bets available, but by tweaking the filters, you can reveal many more bets.

Bet Tracking

An excellent feature of the Trademate Sports Core software is the bet tracking. Much like RebelBetting, they track the outcome of each of your bets, recording the wins and losses and calculating your profits accordingly.

In addition to recording the edge/value obtained at the time of your bet, they also record the value percentage based on the closing line (the odds at the start of the match).

Settled Trades

The starting odds represent the most accurate odds as this is when the most money enters the market and when the most information is known about factors that may influence the outcome of the match (injuries etc).

By recording this closing EV, you can go through your bet history and identify patterns where you placed EV+ bets that ultimately became EV- bets at the start of the match. If this is occurring routinely on a particular sport or bookmaker, you should tweak your strategy to place fewer bets of this type.

Profit Graph Closing EV

Conversely, if there are bets where the EV routinely increases on the closing line, you should try to place more bets of this type. This type of analysis is not available in any other value betting software; it is unique to Trademate Sports.

Interested in trying out the Trademate Sports free trial? Access it via the button below!

Want to read more? Read the full Trademate Sports review!

BetOnValue Review

BetOnValue offers a decent free value betting software package, but is hampered by a complex interface, lack of bet tracking, limited bookmakers and a 20 minute delay on the feed of value bets.

  • Unlimited free trial period
  • Supports 32 sports
  • Complex user interface
  • Only 42 bookmakers
  • No bet tracking
  • 20 minute delay on value bet feed
  • No staking plan settings

Layout and Interface

I find the user interface for BetOnValue fairly confusing, and I have reviewed and tested a lot of different arbitrage and value betting software.

The main value bet feed is displayed in the main panel, with information about the match, betting market, probability of the outcome occurring, value and expected return as a percentage.

BetOnValue interface

If you find a value bet you are interested in, you have two options. If you click on the odds, you are automatically directed to the bookmaker website with a betslip open, but this entirely bypasses the betting calculator step where you normally calculate your stakes.

If you click on the match, it brings up a screen with the odds from all bookmakers for that particular match and betting market. However, it shows far too much information on this page.

For example, if I select a value bet that is based on the total score being over 5.5 for a football match, it brings up all of the odds for all under/over markets for that match. For example, it will show over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 in addition to 5.5. It also shows the odds from every bookmaker that permits bets on these markets.

As a result, you have to scroll through pages of irrelevant odds and bookmakers before you can find the right bet. The right bet and odds aren’t even highlighted, making them even more difficult to find.

You can see below how long you have to scroll sometimes to find the right odds.

BetOnValue search for odds

There does not appear to be a betting calculator built into the BOV free value betting software.

One thing I do quite like is the way that when you click on any odds on their site, they display a graph of the historical value of those odds. This is useful when analysing trends in the market.

free value betting software

BOV Historical Odds Graph

Number of Value Bets Found

During my testing, I found that BetOnValue was able to find an incredible number of value bets, in the thousands.

It is difficult for me to verify the accuracy of so many bets (considering the errors I found earlier), but superficially the software seems to find a lot more value bets than the other free software packages that I have reviewed.

The huge number of sports it covers plus the wide variety of betting markets results in a large number of value bets on offer at any point in time.

There is no limit on the maximum profit margin per value bet.

Bet Tracking

There does not appear to be any bet tracking as part of the BOV value betting software. This is a shame, as the accounting and bet tracking side of the software is just as important as the bet finding part, in my opinion.

It’s a shame BOV hasn’t made the effort to include this as part of their software.

However, they do offer an unlimited free trial period, so there’s nothing to lose by trying them out if you’re interested.

You can’t access the free value bets until you register for an account using the link below.

BetBurger Review

BetBurger is quite a popular arbitrage and value betting software option, although I can’t say that it is a favourite of mine.

Let’s take a look why.

  • Unlimited free trial period
  • Supports 82 bookmakers
  • Supports 34 sports
  • User interface poor
  • No bet tracking
  • 2% limit on maximum profit
  • 15 minute delay on value bet feed
  • No staking plan settings

Layout and Interface

The BetBurger interface on the whole is a little confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for beginners.

The main value bet feed is displayed along the left, and when you click on a particular value bet, you can see the details on the right.

BetBurger Value Bets

There is also a betting calculator which you can use to calculate your stakes, but there is no way to set a staking plan that will be remembered for future bets, making the process rather tedious.

Value Betting Calculator

Below the calculator are betting market filters, and on the left menu you can filter value bets by bookmaker or sport.

Market Filters

The filters are not saved unless you sign up for a free account, which I recommend you do to save you from adjusting the filters every time you open their software.

There is no way to sort the value bets other than by value percentage. I would like it if they added time to match start and ROI as potential sorting options like they do with their arbitrage betting software.

Number of Value Bets Found

I found that BetBurger was able to find about 100 value bets during my testing, which is alright but not fantastic.

It has a decent number of bookmakers (82) and an excellent number of sports (34), so it should be able to find a huge number of value bets.

Unfortunately, the 2% profit margin limit means that you see much fewer value bets than you would otherwise.

Free Value Betting Software

BetBurger bookmakers and sports

Bet Tracking

The software has no bet tracking functionality whatsoever, which is disappointing. As discussed earlier, finding the value bets is only half the job that a good value betting software should be doing.

Without any bet tracking, you still need to spend quite a bit of time doing your accounting manually, which diminishes the value of the software.

However, there is no time limit on the free trial, so you can use it for as long as you like. Feel free to check it out here:

Free Value Betting Software - Conclusion

Out of the 4 free value betting software I have compared, I genuinely think that RebelBetting is the best option.

They have a fantastic user-friendly interface, superb bet tracking and no restrictions on the value bets they display.

Unfortunately, they have a relatively short free trial period (14 days), so I recommend them for those who would like to get a premium software package eventually.

If you want to use free value betting software forever (I don’t recommend this!), you should use BetOnValue, as they have an unlimited free trial period and are superior to BetBurger in my opinion.

Their free trial has limited bookmakers and no bet tracking, but it will get the job done for you if you are just a casual value bettor!

When you’re ready to upgrade from free value betting software, check out my article on the best value betting software out there!

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