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Life After Gubbing – How to Keep Profiting From Betting After Getting Gubbed!

Getting gubbed by a bookmaker is the worst thing that can happen to anyone involved in profitable sports betting.

Gubbing is when a bookmaker restricts or limits your account in some form, by either no longer offering you promotions and bonuses (if you were doing matched betting), or by restricting your stakes down to very low levels (if you were doing arbitrage or value betting).

Each time one of your bookmaker accounts gets gubbed, you lose that source of revenue and your overall profits fall.

For most people, once all of their accounts have been gubbed, they tend to give up on profitable sports betting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this article, I will introduce you to 2 excellent ways to keep making money from sports betting even after all of your accounts have been gubbed. In fact, you can use these methods indefinitely, as they don’t rely on making money from soft bookmakers.

Read on to find out more!

But first, the obvious...

Before I show you these 2 ways of making money from sports betting despite being gubbed, let’s cover 2 of the more obvious ways to make money after being gubbed.

Do Arbitrage or Value Betting

If you were previously doing matched betting and were gubbed for promotions (promo banned), this form of gubbing will usually not impact your maximum stakes.

Therefore, you can still make money by switching to arbitrage or value betting instead.

Unfortunately, this is only a stop-gap measure as you will eventually have your stakes limited too, and your profits will once again dry up.


Create a Second Account (Gnoming or Multi-Accounting)

A number of profitable sports bettors that have their accounts gubbed often open accounts in a partner’s or friend’s name and begin betting again.

Please be aware that this may be illegal depending on your country of residence. Betting in a name other than your own can be considered fraudulent activity and bookmakers will be much swifter to close an account if they find out that you are doing this.

If you are using the same IP address for a second account, the bookmaker will recognise this and may preemptively restrict your account.

It is, of course, not illegal to introduce a friend to profitable sports betting and let them place the bets on their own.

How to Make Money Without Any Risk of Gubbings

The 2 methods I will outline below are quite different, and they will suit different people depending on your bankroll, time available and risk tolerance.

The 2 methods are:

The table below outlines the differences between these 2 methods.

Sports Betting Fund

Sharp Value Betting

Min. Bankroll



Time Req.


20 hrs/wk



Low - Mod




As you can see, the sports betting fund is an entirely passive investment with a low minimum investment. However, it comes with higher risk and lower returns.

Sharp value betting requires a large bankroll and more time, but has less risk and higher returns.

Let’s take a look at each option in greater detail.

Invest in a Sports Betting Fund - Mercurius Trader

Trader is a unique product from Mercurius, an Italian based company. Their ambitious goal is to turn sports betting into an asset class that anyone can invest in.

They spent 4 years developing a quantitative model that is designed to spot value in the Betfair football market, and execute bets accordingly. It is based upon scientific literature on the topic of football match prediction and is supplemented with their own research and development.

As the model places bets with Betfair alone, there is no chance of being gubbed whatsoever.

Add funds to your Betfair wallet, use the Betfair App Directory to allow Mercurius to use your wallet to place bets on your behalf and you’re done! It’s an entirely passive investment.

Returns will depend on the size of your bankroll, so this product is perfect for someone who has already done matched betting and arbitrage/value betting and is looking for a way to put their accumulated profits to good use!

Please note that unlike arbitrage and matched betting, your profits are not guaranteed and your capital is at risk. Profitability depends on the veracity of the Trader model.

Read my full Mercurius Trader review here!

Gubbed Betting

Sharp Value Betting

Sharp value betting is essentially the same concept as regular value betting, but rather than taking value from soft bookmakers, you take value from sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges.

This is much more difficult than regular value betting, as the sharp bookies and exchanges rarely make mistakes.

When they do make mistakes, the edge you will be able to get over them is typically less than 1%, around 0.5% on average. For this reason, you need a large bankroll of around €20,000 and around 20 hours per week to spend on sharp value betting to see decent profits.

The major benefit of this method is that as you will be taking value from the sharp bookies and exchanges, you will never be limited, no matter how much you win.

There are only two software packages out there that allows you to take value from the sharp bookmakers and exchanges - RebelBetting Pro and Trademate Sports Pro. They are both outstanding value betting software that provide you with a steady stream of sharp value bets.


In addition, they both include automatic bet tracking, as well as detailed analysis of your betting performance. You can see which sports, leagues, bookmakers and betting markets are doing well - and more importantly - which ones aren’t.

You can refine your strategy and filters to ensure that you are focusing only on the bets that you have proven work for you time and time again.

Their customer service is excellent, and they are happy to help you get your filter presets set up, or anything else you need to be a successful value bettor.

They support Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, BetDaq, as well as sharp bookmakers such as Pinnacle.

RebelBetting Pro is quite a bit cheaper than Trademate Sports Pro.

It costs €179 per month, but you can get 2 weeks for free with your first month thanks to a generous coupon that RebelBetting has provided to readers of The Arb Academy. Access it using the button below.

You can read more about it in my full RebelBetting value betting review!

Trademate Sports Pro is quite expensive, at €400 per month, or €1,000 per quarter, so it is only recommended for those who are serious about profitable sports betting.

For more info, check out my full Trademate Sports review!

Life After Gubbing - Conclusion

As you can see, having all of your bookmaker accounts gubbed is not the end of the road in your profitable sports betting journey.

With Mercurius Trader and some sharp value betting software like RebelBetting Pro or Trademate Sports Pro, you can keep making money from sports betting long after your accounts have been gubbed.

In fact, you can do them indefinitely without any risk of being gubbed, as they involve taking value from betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers, who will never gub you no matter how much you win.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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  • Hi,

    Can RebelBetting do the same thing as Trademate Pro?
    because there are also value bets with sharp bookmakers on RebelBetting !


    • Hi, yes RebelBetting’s ValueBetting Pro does now allow you to do value bets with sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges, so they are now quite similar to Trademate Pro!

  • Hello,i am from Greece.I started matched betting about 40 days ago and i made a profit around 900 euros but i was restricted or limited (not gubbed) immediately at almost every decent sportbook (we do not have many in my country,around 14).Now i am looking to do pre-game trading with a betbroker(unfortunately betting exchanges dont have license here).Can you please recommend me a value betting site so i can find value on back odds and then lay before kick-off?

  • Hello , can I get your email? Just a guy that want to invest heavily in value betting. Watched your clip on YouTube fes days ago I decided to choose rebel betting.

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