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February 16


Profit Maximiser Review: #1 Money Making Site in the UK?

Are you thinking of purchasing Profit Maximiser but wondering whether it’s really worth £97 per year? Well, in this Profit Maximiser review, I will be taking a deep look at it, to let you know whether it is really still worth it in 2023.

Profit Maximiser has been around for quite some time and the website is starting to look a little dated, so many often ask whether the content is still relevant and up to date. Most importantly, can you still make money from it?

Good question! Let’s find out in this Profit Maximiser review!

Profit Maximiser - Key Points


A tool for making money online from sports betting and online casinos


Wide variety of proven money making techniques


Only suitable for those in the UK. For pure matched betting, there are better services out there (see alternatives)


£97 per year; no monthly options (£1 trial for 14 days available)


Definitely worth it. You make back the £97 within a week of joining

Overall Rating

What is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a unique product that is designed to help you make money through the following 4 avenues:

  • Sports Betting
  • Spread Betting
  • Online Casinos
  • Online Bingo
Profit Maximiser

It is most similar to a matched betting site, but it is very different to the likes of OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. In terms of pure matched betting, those sites are better than Profit Maximiser.

However, Profit Maximiser isn’t trying to just be a matched betting site. Where it really excels, is in the online casino offers. PM have a very large list of casino offers that you can take advantage of, and they tell you exactly which slot machine to play, and how much you can expect to make from each offer.

They have done the maths on hundreds of different slot machines, to work out which one is the best for each offer.

Here are their main pros and cons.

  • Cheaper than standard matched betting sites
  • Show you how to make money from online casinos, online bingo and spread-betting products
  • Includes medium to high risk casino offers (still positive EV)
  • Can try for 14 days for £1
  • Thriving community in Facebook group
  • Still active and up to date in 2023
  • Arbitrage betting software included for free
  • Fewer matched betting daily offers than other services
  • Only basic matched betting calculators available
  • Odds matcher only covers 3 sports
  • You must purchase an annual subscription (no monthly options)
  • Only suitable for those in the UK (and possibly Ireland)

Sound intriguing? Read on!

Matched Betting Offers

Many people will be coming to Profit Maximiser from a matched betting perspective, so I will discuss that aspect of the product first.

Profit Maximiser has a collection of about 16 video and text tutorials designed to help you get up to speed with matched betting. They show you how to take advantage of bookmaker sign up bonuses, as well as ongoing offers.

Profit Maximiser Review

Almost all tutorials include a detailed video by Mike, the founder of Profit Maximiser. He explains everything in a clear, easy to understand manner.

Once you have gone through the videos, you can get started on the bookmaker signup bonuses.

Bookmaker offers

You can also use the calendar functionality to find out about ongoing offers. Each of the offers in the calendar has a corresponding post in the secret Facebook group where you can discuss how to best use the promotion with fellow PM users.

Note that there are fewer bookmaker sign up offers and ongoing offers in Profit Maximiser compared to the likes of OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

PM does include odds matching software which you can use to work out exactly what bets you should be using your promotions on. It only covers horse racing, tennis and football, but this should be enough for you.

Profit Maximiser Odds Matcher

Once you select a bet, you can open up a screen with a number of useful calculators that can calculate the optimal stakes based on the type of bet (stake returned, stake not returned etc).


I quite like this slider feature, where you can adjust your back/lay stakes and see the corresponding results in real time.

Profit Maximiser Review

Casino Offers

Whilst matched betting is not the primary strength of Profit Maximiser, the casino offers certainly are. If you are not familiar with casino offers, they basically involve taking advantage of signup and ongoing offers and promotions made by online casinos (often attached to sportsbooks).

Almost all of these promotions have to be used on the slot machines. For example, if you deposit and wager £50 on their slots, the casino will give you £50 in bonus spins. The Profit Maximiser team have done the maths on which of these offers are profitable, and which slot machines you should use to maximise your profits (hence the name!).

They break their casino offers into no and low risk offers, which they recommend to everyone, plus medium and high risk offers, which they only recommend to those who have at least 1 year of casino experience.

Casino Offers

The no risk offers usually involve you making a deposit of saying £30, and instantly getting access to £10 worth of free spins. In this instance, you can withdraw your £30 deposit and just play the £10 worth of spins. Any winnings you make can be withdrawn immediately.

A low risk offer might involve wagering £10 at least 1 time (so £10 worth of spins), followed by receiving 200 free spins. It’s low risk because there is a small chance of losing your £10 on the initial spins, then making less than this back on the free spins.

Here’s an example of the detailed instructions provided by PM on how to complete such an offer.

Casino Offer Detail

The medium and high risk offers often have quite high wagering requirements. They still have positive expected value (you will make money in the long run), but in the short run there is a high likelihood of not being able to complete that particular offer.

So you need to complete many of these offers to have a statistically significant chance of making good money. Again, Mike from PM will tell you exactly which slot machines to use:

Casino Offers 2

Here’s an example of a high risk offer. Note the 80 times wagering requirements! Mike has calculated that there is still about £15 worth of expected value in this promotion, so it is worth doing.

Casino High Risk

Is It Possible To Win Big?

Note that this is certainly not the norm, but slot machine games you play to complete these bonuses (don’t worry, you can use an autoclicker to automate the process), the greater your chance of winning a major or minor jackpot at some point.

In fact, a number of PM members have done exactly that, and you can see their results below. Note that this is NOT NORMAL and NOT TO BE EXPECTED. It is just a nice potential bonus on the top.

Profit Maximiser Review Big Win 1
Profit Maximiser Review Big Win 2
Casino Win
Casino Win 2
Profit Maximiser Review Big Win 5

Bingo Offers

In addition to the casino offers, PM has a smattering of online bingo offers. Bingo has a high house edge, so it is usually not worth it unless the casino is offering you a sufficiently high bonus.

Here’s an example of some of the bingo offers available:

Bingo Offers

And some of the calcs Mike has done to work out the EV of each bonus.

Bingo Edge

Naturally, he has a video of him completing each of these bingo offers, so that you can follow along even if you know nothing about bingo.

Spread Betting Offers

Profit Maximiser also features an offer that you can use to make £50-£100 from spread betting. Most of you will be like me and not have a great deal of knowledge on spread betting but like all other PM offers, the instructions are very detailed and thorough.

There is a spreadsheet you can download and use to maximise your profit from this offer.

At the time of writing, there was just a single offer available in this section.


PM has an outstanding community on Facebook. The group is secret and cannot be joined until you are a paying member.

PM owner Mike Cruickshank is very active in the group, as are many of the members. They share all offers they find, and try to help new members complete the offers too.


Customer Support

Mike is available by email, but the best place to reach him is in the Facebook group. He will get back to you quite quickly.

Is Profit Maximiser Still Updated in 2023?

Despite the slightly outdated website design, Profit Maximiser is still being updated regularly on the inside. Mike is still sending out regular emails with updates on new offers.


Profit Maximiser does not offer a monthly subscription plan. Instead, you must purchase an annual plan for £97. You can also do a 14 day free trial for £1.

The annual plan has a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can access both of these via the button below:

Profit Maximiser Review - Conclusion

Profit Maximiser is a unique product that shows you how to make money from a wide variety of sources, ranging from matched betting to online casinos.

Unlike many other products promising to make you money online, Profit Maximiser actually delivers on its promise. Mike from PM takes a strictly mathematical approach to every single bonus out there and will methodically calculate the expected value.

If it is positive and worth your time, he will post it on PM.

£97 may seem like a lot of money, but you can make this back quite quickly, often within just a week of joining. The rest is pure, tax-free profit for you! PM is not a scam at all and is absolutely legit.

I highly recommend PM for anyone from the UK who is interested in making some decent money online!

I hope you have enjoyed this Profit Maximiser review! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

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