Value Betting

Much like arbitrage betting, value betting is a popular betting strategy used by those who have exhausted their matched betting opportunities.

Read on below to find out more about value betting, as well as access useful resources to help you start making money as soon as possible!

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What is Value Betting?

Unlike matched and arbitrage betting, you don't bet on all outcomes with value betting.

You find opportunities where a bookmaker has overpriced their odds, and you place a bet with them. With arbitrage betting, you would normally cover your position by placing an opposing bet with another bookmaker.

As this second bookmaker has accurate odds (but with a profit margin built in), you are actually getting poor value here.

With value betting, you only place a bet on the outcome with the overpriced (good value) odds, knowing that you are getting positive expected value.

In the long run, with enough bets placed, you will overcome the variance in your results and see higher profits than with arbitrage betting.


“Value betting is simpler and has greater long-term profits, but suffers from high variance and exposes you to potential losses.”

Louis - The Arb Academy Founder

Risk Level = Low ~ Moderate

You are not betting on all outcomes. You will win some bets and lose others. Place many bets to beat the variance.

Difficulty = Low

Place just a single bet each time.

Bankroll Required = Moderate

You will need at least $/£/€2,000 to get started with value betting.

Profits = Moderate ~ High

Depending on how many hours you are willing to spend, expect to make 10-20% of your bankroll per month.

Expected Life = Moderate

You can expect to do value betting for around 3-6 months before getting your stakes limited with most bookies.

Get Started With Value Betting - Top Resources

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What is Value Betting?

This is a detailed guide to help you understand why value betting works as a profitable betting strategy.

It includes formulas, examples and the pros and cons of value betting relative to the other profitable betting strategies discussed on this site.

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How to Find Value Bets

This is a comprehensive guide to 3 ways to find value bets. It includes 2 free methods and 1 paid method. With these 3 methods, you will have a steady stream of value bets that is unlikely to run out.

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Value Betting Calculator

Use this convenient and powerful calculator developed by The Arb Academy to help you determine whether a value betting opportunity exists.

Enter the odds and the calculator will automatically calculate whether there is a value betting opportunity, the profit margin, the necessary stakes to maximise your profits (based on the Kelly Criterion), and will auto-round your stakes to avoid suspicion with the bookmakers.

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Value Betting Software

Value betting software will scan the odds for thousands of matches across almost 100 bookmakers to find value bets for you.

As value betting requires small but high frequency betting, it is essential that you use software to save time and find the bets for you. Find out which ones I recommend!

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What is a Gubbing? How Do I Avoid It?

An inevitable fact of value betting is that the bookmakers will eventually restrict your maximum stakes down to very low amounts if they suspect that you are doing value betting.

This is known as gubbing. Find out how to avoid being gubbed in this article!

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