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Hi there! My name is Louis and I'm an Australian guy who has been involved in sports arbitrage betting over the last few years. I have used sports arbitrage betting to provide a decent side income (thousands of dollars per month!) for myself while working full-time.

When I first heard about sports arbitrage, I didn't actually believe that it was possible to make any money from it! It sounded like forex trading or some other dubious 'investment' where the only people making any money were those who were selling the 'investment' in the first place. We've all been bombarded with 'Get Rick Quick!' ads before - we pretty much tune out to them now.

Before getting in too deep, I paper traded a few arbs and quickly realised that it was indeed a way to make money! Undoubtedly, you aren't getting rich overnight but a few £8 arbs here, $15 arbs there and things can really snowball!

However, it wasn't all golden. I made a number of unfortunate errors, some which cost me hundreds of dollars in cash, others which alerted the bookmakers to arbitrage activities (what kind of Australian really bets on 3rd division Algerian women's handball anyway?).

With my accounts increasingly being limited by the bookmakers, I have decided to turn my attention to creating The Arb Academy - the most detailed, comprehensive course on sports arbitrage betting available. It's what I wish I had when I first started out!

It would have saved me from making countless mistakes, costing me hard earned dollars and flagging my accounts with the bookmakers as a sports arbitrageur.

The course will detail the unique tips and tricks I have developed over my time in sports arbitrage betting, as well as what I have gleaned from reading books and listening to some of best sports traders around. It will be full of video content, including over-the-shoulder demos of various arbitrage software and bookmaker websites. Best of all, it is entirely 100% free.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

I am active your answering questions on Quora and YouTube, so please check out my channels on those sites if you are interested.

My mission is to help you earn a reliable income through profitable sports betting

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