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BetWasp Review – An Automated Betting Software That Works?

Automated arbitrage and value betting is something that profitable sports bettors have wanted for a long, long time.

In the past, it was always considered too difficult, and that left us with only one option - spending hours and hours manually placing the bets ourselves.

While this is still a very profitable route, automated betting could theoretically allow us to reap the same reward while spending much less time betting.

In this BetWasp review, we take a look at whether they have finally managed to deliver on something that has been sought after by sports bettors for many years!

What is BetWasp?

Produced by the same company that made BetBurger (Aspira Global), BetWasp is a semi-automated arbitrage and value betting software. This means that it is capable of automatically placing arbitrage and value bets at bookmaker websites on your behalf.

Note that while BetWasp refers to themselves as an ‘automated’ betting software, I refer to them as ‘semi-automated’ as the software is not entirely autonomous. Unfortunately, it can’t monitor arbitrage and value bets on your behalf and place bets while you are sleeping.

You will need to be logged into the software, selecting which individual events to bet on. You can instruct the software to place a particular bet for you, but the software can’t decide of its own accord which events to bet on.

Also be aware that you still need to have a valid account (with KYC verification complete) with each of the bookmakers that you plan on using with BetWasp. This means that this is not a way to make money forever - you are still prone to gubbing or account closures.

You will also need to pay for and maintain a 2captcha account - this is necessary to allow you to pass the anti-bot challenges that the bookmaker sites may occasionally present to the BetWasp software. This is an added cost (albeit small) and another thing to manage.

Note: If you are not familiar with arbitrage betting and value betting, these are both forms of profitable sports betting, whereby you can make money by placing certain bets when particular sets of odds exist.

Pros & Cons

Here are the key pros and cons of the BetWasp software.

  • Automated bet placement - saves lots of time
  • Detailed bet tracking included for free
  • User interface clean and simple
  • Wide variety of sports
  • Detailed filtering options
  • Can register more than 1 account with each bookmaker
  • Very expensive
  • Not completely automated - you still need to manually select which events to bet on
  • Requires you to set up, pay for and maintain 2captcha account
  • Not all bookies available all the time
  • Still prone to gubbing with bookmakers
  • Software is a bit buggy
  • Only available for Windows

Desktop Application

Unlike most other value and arbitrage betting software out there these days, BetWasp actually runs as a program directly on your computer, rather than just in your browser.

This is because it will actually be placing bets on your behalf, and therefore needs access to your computer to be able to do this.

Unfortunately, BetWasp is currently only available on machines running Windows 7 or higher, which is a major letdown for those on other operating systems.

They do plan on releasing a version for macOS and Linux in the future. At the time of writing, these do not exist, but you can check this page to see if they have since been released.

In the meantime, if you would like to run BetWasp on another operating system, you may need to look at using Bootcamp or a similar program that allows you to run a Windows virtual machine on your computer.

If you have Windows, you can download BetWasp for free here:

Layout and Interface

When you open the BetWasp application, you will be greeted by a screen that consists of basic filtering and sorting along the left, a betting calculator at the top, and then a list of arbitrage bets on the bottom.

In the basic filtering/sorting menu along the left, you can select from a number of options, including whether the software displays arbitrage or value bets, live or pre-match bets, whether to sort the bets by profit, age, time to match start or middle value, and how many bets to display on the screen at once.

Basic filtering

At the bottom, you can click ‘Create New’ to set up advanced filtering. I’ll get back to this later.

Arbitrage Bets

Compared to the BetBurger software, the BetWasp interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate. Each arbitrage bet is displayed as a separate row, and at a glance, it is easy to see the sport, profit margin, bookmakers, match, start time, betting market, odds and arb age.

BetWasp Arbs

Clicking on any of these events will load the odds into the arbitrage betting calculator along the top of the screen.

The calculator lets you select your desired bookmakers (by default pre-loaded from the event you selected), your stakes, profit distribution and currency.

You can then select which sub-account to use with that bookmaker (you can register more than one!) and then you can click ‘Bet’ or ‘Bet All’ to instruct the software to place the bets on your behalf.

Betting calculator

By default, the calculator selects the stakes to be a percentage of your current account balance with that bookmaker, although you can change this to other options, such as setting the win amount to be a percentage of your balance, or just simply using fixed stake/win numbers.

Betting strategy

You can also set your stake rounding strategy here. This is an important defensive arbing strategy.

Value Bets

Much like the arbitrage betting display, the value bets are each displayed as a separate row.

Value Bets

Clicking on a value bet will load the odds into the betting calculator and allow you to instruct the software to place the bet for you.

Supported Bookmakers and Sports


Unlike other software, to support a particular bookmaker, BetWasp has to collect both data on their odds and be able to automatically navigate their site on your behalf.

This is fairly difficult and means that they support much fewer bookmakers than other software options. Here’s the list of the 18 bookmakers that they currently support:

BetWasp Supported Bookmakers (click to expand)

  • 10bet
  • 888Sport
  • BFSportsbook
  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • Bwin
  • Favbet
  • GGBet
  • Interwetten
  • Marathon
  • Novibet
  • Pamestoixima
  • Pinnacle
  • Pokerstars
  • Retabet
  • Stoiximan
  • Unibet
  • Vbet

Note that while they are constantly adding to this list, these bookmakers do occasionally go offline from the BetWasp software.

This usually occurs when the bookmaker changes their website and BetWasp is no longer able to automatically navigate until they update their software.

This can be frustrating but it is an inherent part of semi-automated betting. You can monitor the status of the bookmakers from within the application, on a screen that looks like thise.

Bookmaker status


BetWasp currently supports 38 sports, covering just about everything from badminton to rugby league.

You won’t be left underwhelmed by the number of supported sports here, they really do cover just about any sport that you could want to bet on.



BetWasp comes with quite a few features in addition to the base product described above.

Advanced Filtering

As alluded to earlier, clicking on the ‘Create New’ button in the left-hand menu allows you to set up and save advanced filter presets.

Having a preset filter can save you a lot of time as it allows you to hone in on the bets that are of most interest to you and hide the rest. The filtering screen looks like this:


You can name the filter, then select the profit margin, age, ROI and more that you wish to target.

Below that, you can select which bookmakers and sports that you would like to filter.

Multiple filter presets can be set up, saved and then toggled between using the checkbox in the left-hand menu of the main screen.

Bet Tracker

As is slowly becoming more and more popular with the newer arbitrage betting software, BetWasp comes with bet tracking in all of their plans.

Bet tracking is a very useful tool for both arbitrage and value betting. This is even more true with semi-automated betting, where you will be placing more bets than normal.

Every time that the software places a bet on your behalf, it will log it in the bet tracker, along with the event, betting market, stake, match start date/time and crucially, the outcome of the bet (once the event has concluded).

Bet tracking

This allows you to track your betting performance and see how much money you are making (or losing!). In value betting, you are not guaranteed to win every bet, so tracking your performance is important for determining if your value betting strategy is sound.

If the bet tracker shows that you are consistently losing money in a particular market/sport/bookmaker, you may want to change your strategy to reflect this. Without a bet tracker, you are essentially flying blind.

While less useful with arbitrage betting, it is still handy to see your overall performance and know how much money you are making each day/week/month. As you have less control with automated betting, it is good to see how the software is performing on your behalf.

Bookmaker Site Navigation Settings

As the BetWasp software will be placing bets on your behalf, you need to provide it with all of the necessary login details for each of the bookmakers that you plan on using.

In addition to this, you can adjust some of the settings that BetWasp uses when navigating to the bookmaker sites, including User Agent, browser language and proxy settings.

Refer to the manuals for more information on the best settings to use here.


BetWasp is available in 6 different languages:

  • English
  • Italiano
  • Português
  • Ελληνικά
  • Русский
  • 中文

If your preferred language isn’t here, get in touch with them to register your interest in a particular language.


The plans for this software are broken up into two main categories - arbitrage betting plans and value betting plans. Within these plans, you can subscribe to either pre-match, live or pre-match & live betting plans.

Here’s the pricing for arbitrage betting:

  • Pre-match: €170
  • Live: €290
  • Both: €375
Pricing surebets

For value betting:

  • Pre-match: €100
  • Live: €190
  • Both: €240
Pricing value bets

These prices are quite high and definitely towards the top end of the market. However, this is really the only automated betting software of its kind at the moment, so there isn’t much to choose from if you are set on this.

You’ll have to decide if the time you save from automating the betting is worth the higher price you pay per month.

If you don’t mind placing the bets yourself, there’s plenty of other arbitrage betting software out there to choose from. I recommend RebelBetting for those in Europe and OddsJam for those in the US and Canada.

Check out my RebelBetting review and OddsJam review for more info on these options.

Conclusion - BetWasp Review

BetWasp is a unique option in the world of value betting and arbitrage betting software. It offers semi-automated betting, in a clean, simple interface for a wide variety of sports and with detailed filtering.

However, it comes with a number of drawbacks. It is very expensive, requires a 2captcha account, doesn’t support many bookies, and is only available on Windows.

While I think it is the right option for some people (ie. those who have a decent starting bankroll but are quite time poor) yet for most people getting started, there are other software options out there that better suit them.

As you can see from Betfair's app directory, automated betting tools are becoming more and more popular with bettors. However, I'm not convinced that BetWasp has entirely nailed it with this iteration of their software. Nonetheless, it is still a decent option.

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed this BetWasp review! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product or service after clicking on my link. This helps pay for the cost of running the website. You will not be disadvantaged in any way by using my links.

Reviewer: Louis

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