June 3, 2020

OddStorm vs RebelBetting: Which is the #1 Arbing Software?

​OddStorm and RebelBetting are two of best arbitrage betting software out there - but also 2 of the most expensive! This time, they will be going head to head in OddStorm vs RebelBetting - a direct matchup to find out which one is better!

OddStorm claims to have the fastest arbitrage betting software, with very rapid refresh rates. They are also one of the few arbitrage bet finders to include Polish middles. It’s also the most expensive out of any surebet software that I have seen.

RebelBetting, on the other hand, has an excellent user interface and is packed with advanced arbing features.

So, which one is best for you? Let’s find out in this OddStorm vs RebelBetting article!

​OddStorm vs RebelBetting - Direct Comparison

​The table below shows the major differences between the two surebet software.


Interface/ Speed

​Arb Types





​Almost ​all









​OddStorm costs €150 per month, which is more than RebelBetting which costs €129 per month, so RebelBetting is the winner here.

€21 per month may sound like a lot but if you are committed to arbitrage betting and have enough starting capital and time to invest in it, you can recover €21 in just a few bets, so don’t let this alone make the decision for you.

Another thing worth noting is that OddStorm have the option to purchase a single day of access at a time if you like (it costs €7). If you will just be doing all of your arbitrage betting on the weekend, for example, you may want to buy 8 single day subscriptions per month, which would cost €56 (8 x €7 = €56).

OddStorm price

OddStorm pricing

This is less than half the price of RebelBetting, so it could be a great way to save money depending on how frequently you will be doing arbitrage betting.

Winner: Draw

​Interface and Speed

​The RebelBetting interface is hands down the best of any arbitrage betting software that I have seen.

The interface is refreshingly clean, and it is easy to see all of the relevant details of an arb at a glance.

RebelBetting layout

RebelBetting layout

​The bookmaker odds comparison is excellent on RebelBetting and you can quickly figure out what order to place your bets in. OddStorm, however, compares bookmaker odds in a less clear manner, which makes it difficult to discern what your backup options are in the event that one of your bets is rejected.

RebelBetting bookmaker odds comparison

RebelBetting bookmaker odds comparison

Generally speaking, the OddStorm software interface is fairly crowded, with too much information displayed on each page.

Oddstorm vs betburger

OddStorm layout

In terms of speed, RebelBetting runs as a standalone desktop application, while OddStorm runs in your web browser.

Accordingly, the OddStorm software can sometimes run slowly if you have many bookmaker sites open in different tabs in your browser (depending on your computer specifications), which can be frustrating if you are in the middle of an arbitrage bet.

The downside of RebelBetting is that their software does not work on Mac without running Bootcamp or similar.

Winner: RebelBetting

​Arb Types

​RebelBetting covers standard arbs plus regular and negative middles, which is great.

OddStorm, however, takes it a step further and includes Polish middles in addition to the arb types that RebelBetting covers.

I only recommend Polish middles for advanced arbitrage bettors, but they are definitely a nice feature to have.

Winner: OddStorm

Sports Crowd

​Number of Arbs

​Both OddStorm and RebelBetting produce a ton of arbitrage betting opportunities, more than you could ever need even if you have very restrictive filters.

OddStorm seems to produce an incredible number of arbitrage bets, more than RebelBetting, which must be because they cover more betting markets or sports, as they actually cover fewer bookmakers than RebelBetting.

OddStorm number of arbs

Number of arbs found with OddStorm

​In any case, you won’t be short on arbs regardless of the software you choose.

Winner: OddStorm

Sports Crowd

​Defensive Arbing

​Defensive arbing is a very important but often overlooked part of any arbitrage betting software. Having your bookmaker accounts limited will severely hurt your ability to profit from sports arbitrage betting.

The RebelBetting desktop application has its own built in web browser for betting, separate from your personal web browser which has tracking cookies from social media and bookmaker websites.

It also has the ability to automatically clear cookies and do your betting through a proxy to further disguise your arbitrage betting from the bookmakers.

RebelBetting proxy settings

RebelBetting proxy settings

​OddStorm, on the other hand, seems to be entirely devoid of defensive arbing features.

Winner: RebelBetting

​Arbitrage Betting Calculator

​Both software packages include integrated arbitrage betting calculators.

However, the RebelBetting calculator has many more features than the OddStorm calculator. The RB calculator allows you to bias your stakes to favour a particular outcome and round your stakes to disguise your arbitrage activity.

RebelBetting Calculator

It also supports multiple currencies and performs automatic currency conversion so that you can place arbitrage bets between bookmaker accounts funded in different currencies.

The OddStorm calculator is comparatively simple.

OddStorm calculator

OddStorm calculator

Winner: RebelBetting

​Free Trial

​Both surebet finders have free trials.

The RebelBetting free trial has all of the functionality of the full version, but limits displayed arbs to only those with a profit margin of less than 0.6%.

OddStorm limits arbs to those with a profit margin of less than 0.5% and it hides the match details for every second arb.

Oddstorm free trial

Oddstorm free trial

​Winner: RebelBetting

​OddStorm vs RebelBetting - Conclusion

​Well, in this OddStorm vs RebelBetting matchup, I think that RebelBetting comes out on top! RebelBetting is cheaper, has a superb interface and an excellent arbitrage betting calculator. It is also packed with defensive arbing features.

OddStorm has an arb feed with a fast refresh rate, it covers Polish middles and has an incredible number of arbs on offer.

However, I don’t think that this is enough to warrant the high price that OddStorm demands.

The exception to that is that if you are planning on concentrating all of your arbitrage betting into a few days each month, it can be quite cost-effective to just purchase 24 hour passes for €7 each. In this situation, OddStorm can work out being considerably cheaper than RebelBetting.

So to summarise, I recommend RebelBetting over OddStorm in general, but if the single day passes make sense for you, OddStorm can be an excellent choice!

They both offer free trials so feel free to give them a go!

​Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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