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February 16


Trademate Sports Review: #1 Premium Value Betting Software?

Are you thinking of using Trademate Sports to get started with value betting but wondering whether it is really worth the high price tag? In this Trademate Sports review, I will be taking a deep look at their software and comparing it to their competitors, so that you can figure out if it’s right for you.

Trademate Sports offers premium value betting software targeted at professional or semi-professional sports bettors who have healthy bankrolls and are able to commit at least 10 hours a week to sports betting.

Accordingly, the monthly subscription price is quite high, at €120 per month for their Core product. However, their software has more features than any other value betting software on the market, making them an excellent choice for those who are serious about value betting.

But are they the right choice for you? Let’s find out in this Trademate Sports review!

What should you look for when choosing Value Betting Software?

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a value betting software. We'll see in a minute how Trademate Sports compares against these criteria.


The whole point of doing value betting is to make money, so you don't want to fritter away your winnings on an overly expensive value betting service.

However, a good value betting service can save you a lot of time searching for and tracking bets, which means that you can spend more time placing bets.

This leads to higher profit and therefore a good value betting software will easily pay for itself.

Number of Bookmakers

More bookmakers means more potential value bets, and therefore greater potential profits.

However, just because a particular software package covers many bookmakers, it doesn't necessarily mean that these bookmakers operate in your country and that you can access them.

Number of Sports

Much like the number of bookmakers, the more sports a particular service covers, the more value bets there will be on offer.

Bet Tracking Capability

As I mentioned earlier, finding value bets is only half the battle. A number of value betting software find value bets for you and then don't help you any further.

In reality, you will potentially be placing tens of bets each day, and keeping track of them will become quite a time consuming job.

If you try to keep track of them in a spreadsheet, you will spend more time recording the details of each bet than you do placing the bet! Alternatively, you could decide to not track your bets, but then you have no real measure of whether you are making money or not.

A good value betting software should log your bets once they have been placed, record the outcome (win/loss) once the match is complete, and provide graphs and statistics of your ongoing performance.

Trademate Sports Review - How does it compare?

Other than price, Trademate Sports compares very well on the criteria discussed above.

Trademate Sports

Price (per month)


Interface/ Speed






Bet Tracking

Yes (detailed)

As you can see below, Trademate has an overwhelming number of pros and really only one con - the price.

  • Supports over 90 bookmakers
  • Excellent bet tracking with detailed stats
  • Closing line EV reported
  • Ability to set and save staking plan
  • Ability to set currency for individual bookmakers
  • Detailed analytics tool
  • Odds history available for each bet
  • Multiple filtering profiles can be saved as presets
  • Free trial available
  • Quite expensive

Which is right for me - Trademate Core or Trademate Pro?

Unlike the other value betting software out there, Trademate Sports offer two different software packages - Core and Pro.

Trademate Core is very similar to virtually all other value betting software - it involves taking value from the soft bookmakers. It is relatively easy to do, but ultimately you will be gubbed by the soft bookies and you will no longer be able to continue value betting.

Trademate Pro, on the other hand, is a unique product that involves taking value from the sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. Sharp bookmakers rarely make mistakes, and betting exchanges are generally considered to be ‘efficient markets’, which makes this a much more difficult task than taking value from the soft bookmakers.

Correspondingly, the price for Trademate Pro is much higher. However, the sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges will never limit you no matter how much you win, so success with Trademate Pro is worth a lot more than success with regular value betting software. There is no expiry date on your profits.

This is the real value of Trademate Pro.

Let’s compare the two products to see which one is right for you:



Bankroll req.



Time required

> 10 hrs/wk

> 20 hrs/wk

Subscription price



Essentially, if your soft bookmaker accounts haven’t been gubbed yet, you should go with Trademate Core and then move onto Trademate Pro. If you are coming to Trademate Sports with already-gubbed accounts, then move straight onto their Pro product.

Trademate Pro does include all of the functionality of Core (including all of the soft bookmakers), so it is possible to do both strategies simultaneously (although I wouldn’t recommend this).

Other than the bookmakers, the interface and features of Trademate Core and Pro are identical, so I will review them together below.

Layout and Interface

Trademate Sports has an excellent, simple interface that has all of the necessary features for serious value betting.

Trademate Sports Review

When you log in, you can see your key stats at a glance:

  • Fund growth
  • Total profit
  • Average ROI
  • Number of trades
  • Total turnover
Trademate Sports Review

You can also see a profit graph of all of your trades, as well as a breakdown per bookmaker. The profit graph also displays the expected value at the time of placing the bet, and the expected value based on the odds at the start of the match (known as the closing expected value).

In the Tradefeed screen, you can see what EV+ bets are available, based on the filters you have selected. You can set multiple filter presets, and display them next to each other.

Trademate Sports Tradefeed

Selecting a bet will allow you to bring up the bet logging screen, where you can see the odds, recommended stake (based on your bankroll and Kelly settings), as well as the estimated edge and odds history.

Trademate Sports Bet

The odds history is a novel feature that allows you to see how a soft bookmaker’s odds have compared to the benchmark (a sharp bookmaker) over time.

The Game Center screen shows the results of recently concluded matches.

Trademate Sports Game Centre

You can also see your recent trades.

Trademate Open Trades

The help centre is packed with useful information to help you get started with value betting. There are e-books with general information about value betting, as well as tutorials to help you with specific aspects of their software.

Help Centre

Finally, you can access their Telegram service, which allows you to receive notifications about value bets via the Telegram app (a messaging service).

You can set up a specific filter preset for the types of bets you want to be notified about via Telegram, to prevent you from being overwhelmed with notifications.

Number of Value Bets Found

Trademate Sports support a large number of bookmakers and a decent number of sports, so they should be able to find a large number of value bets.

Their default, main filter preset only shows matches that are starting within 3 hours, which filters out most matches. Much like RebelBetting, this is done to ensure that there is greater confidence in the calculated edge/value.

At first glance, this makes it seem like there are not many value bets available, but by tweaking the filters, you can reveal many more bets.

Trademate Sports Supported Bookmakers

Trademate Sports support around 100 bookmakers and betting exchanges (when using the Pro version). The Core version supports around 90 bookmakers.

Trademate Sports Supported Sports

They support 9 sports.

Trademate Sports Supported Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Esports

Bet Tracking and Analysis

An excellent feature of the Trademate Sports software which really sets them apart from their competitors is the bet tracking. They track the outcome of each of your bets, recording the wins and losses and calculating your profits accordingly.

In addition to recording the edge/value obtained at the time of your bet, they also record the value percentage based on the closing line (the odds at the start of the match).

Settled Trades

The starting odds represent the most accurate odds as this is when the most money enters the market and when the most information is known about factors that may influence the outcome of the match (injuries etc).

By recording this closing EV, you can go through your bet history and identify patterns where you placed EV+ bets that ultimately became EV- bets at the start of the match. If this is occurring routinely on a particular sport or bookmaker, you should tweak your strategy to place fewer bets of this type.

Profit Graph Closing EV

Conversely, if there are bets where the EV routinely increases on the closing line, you should try to place more bets of this type. This type of analysis is not available in any other value betting software; it is unique to Trademate Sports.

You can also analyse your betting performance with bets grouped by odds. You can then see your hit rate for various bets, grouped by odds. This let's you know if there are a group of bets that routinely underperform (ie. you are achieving less than the theoretical probability implied by those odds).

Trademate review

Remember that the edge per bet is only a few percent, so you need to make many, many bets to have a decent enough sample size to start making meaningful decisions based on your accumulated data.


As mentioned before, Trademate Sports offer a Core product and a Pro product.

Trademate Sports Core costs €120 per month, or €300 for 3 months.

Trademate Sports Pro costs €400 per month, or €1,000 for 3 months.

These are monthly subscription fees make them one of the most expensive value betting software out there. For this reason, they are targeting those who are professional or semi-professional sports bettors.

You will need to have at least €2,000 and 10 hours per week to see profits with Trademate Core, and €20,000 and 20 hours per week to see decent profits with Trademate Pro.

If this is you, I highly recommend that you give Trademate Sports a go. The Trademate team has clearly put a lot of effort into their product and it shows. You won't find a better value betting software anywhere.


Real Life Results

Ryan from Smart Sports Trader has used the Trademate Sports platform extensively and has collected some excellent data on his experiences.

With Trademate Core, he placed a total of 1,146 bets to make a total profit of £1,970. This is equivalent to an average return on investment (ROI) of 4.1%.

With Trademate Pro, he placed a total of 778 bets with a net loss of -£430 average ROI of -3.1%.

In his experience, Trademate Core is a great tool for exploiting soft bookmaker errors, but it is more difficult to earn consistent profits with Trademate Pro, as the edges are much smaller and it can be difficult to find bets with enough volume to make it worthwhile.

Head on over to Smart Sports Trader to see the full data.

Want to see this review in video format? Check out the video below:

Trademate Sports Review - #1 Premium Value Betting Software?



Trademate Sports Review - Conclusion

Trademate Sports is undoubtedly the best value betting software out there. It comes with a number of advanced features that aren’t present in other value betting software.

It has detailed bet tracking (including closing line reporting), comprehensive betting performance analysis as well as tools to help you identify which bet types, sports and bookmakers are giving you the highest edge/value.

With all other value betting software, you passively accept the bets they provide you. With Trademate Sports, you can see whether the provided bets ultimately represented positive expected value, and therefore tweak your strategy accordingly.

You can continually update and refine your strategy as you place more bets and get more data.

Trademate Sports Pro is a unique product designed to help you take on the sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. In my opinion, this is where Trademate’s real value lies.

Gubbing-free profitable sports betting has long been the holy grail of those practising advantage gambling, and Trademate Pro might be the answer.

However, both Core and Pro come with very high price tags, so they are only suitable for those who are serious about value betting.

RebelBetting has Starter and Pro value betting packages, which are roughly equivalent to the Trademate Core and Pro products. However, they are substantially cheaper.

Rather than €120 per month, RebelBetting Starter is only €99 per month!

For the Pro package, RebelBetting costs €219 per month, rather than the €400 per month that Trademate costs. You can currently get 2 bonus weeks with RebelBetting when you sign up for a monthly subscription.

Find out more about the RebelBetting coupon, or read my RebelBetting value betting review!

I hope you have enjoyed this Trademate Sports review! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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