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RebelBetting Review: The Best Arb Finder Of All Time?

Have you heard about the RebelBetting software but are wondering whether it lives up to the hype? In this RebelBetting review, I’ll be taking a deep look at what I truly believe is the best arbitrage betting software out there - RebelBetting’s surebet software.

Note: Want to read about their value betting software instead? Check out my review of RebelBetting's value betting software!

I’m really excited to do this review as there are so many things that RebelBetting does right that the other software packages struggle with. They have hands down the best interface of any software out there, cover a ton of bookmakers and sports, and have plenty of defensive arbitrage features.

But, is it really worth €129 per month? Well, it depends on what kind of arbitrage betting you’ll be doing. In this review, I will be explaining why RebelBetting will be perfect for some arbitrage bettors - but no good for others.

Let’s dive straight into this RebelBetting review!

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What are the Most Important Factors When Choosing Arbitrage Betting Software?

Here are the most important things to look out for when choosing the best sports arbitrage betting software for you!


There's no getting around it - arbitrage betting software can be very expensive!

Premium software can cost upwards of €100/month, so if you are only planning on making a couple of arbitrage bets here and there, it is unlikely that you will even be able to recover the cost of the software!

Consider how much time and starting capital you have to invest in arbitrage betting before deciding on a software package.

How many sports does it cover?

Some arb finders cover as few as 5 sports, while others cover as many as 35! No prizes for guessing which one produces more arbs for their customers…

Note, however, that the vast majority of arbs are produced by the world’s most popular 5-10 sports, so having loads of sports is not always that much of an advantage.

How many bookmakers does it cover?

This is an important one. More bookmakers means more arbs, more profitable arbs (more likely to find better odds with more bookmakers) but most importantly, more options for you to sign up to if and when your accounts eventually start getting limited.

More potential bookmakers means a longer career in sports arbitrage betting.

How quickly does the arb feed refresh?

Many arbitrage bets disappear within a few minutes of being discovered by the software packages. This means that it is imperative that you are getting access to the arbitrage betting opportunities as they are being discovered.

Integrated betting calculator

The arbitrage software should include a built in betting calculator that automatically calculates the necessary stakes for each leg of the arbitrage bet to ensure that you lock in the profit.

Ideally, they should include options for rounding your stakes to avoid suspicion with the bookmakers as well as biasing your stakes to favour a particular outcome that you believe has value.

Standard and advanced arb types

A good arbitrage betting software will include middles (negative and even Polish) as well as cross-market arbitrage bets.

These advanced arb types tend to last longer and be less easily detected by the bookmakers than standard arbs, so I highly recommend that you get software that can find them.

Defensive arbing features

As we have discussed many times, having your accounts limited or closed is one of the greatest risks for an arbitrage bettor. Some arbitrage betting software now have features to hide your arbitrage activity.

This can include separate dedicated web browsers only for betting (to stop the bookmakers tracking you via social media and other trackers) as well as automatic cookie and cache clearing at the start and end of each betting session.

Having these features will again prolong your career as an arbitrage bettor, so they are definitely worthwhile having.

Now that you know what you should be looking for in your arbitrage betting software, let's get straight into the RebelBetting review!

RebelBetting Review - How does it Stack Up?

RebelBetting does quite well on the criteria discussed above.


Price (per month)


Interface/ Speed


Arb Types






Here are the main pros and cons of the RebelBetting software.

  • Access to over 90 bookmakers
  • Clean, crisp interface
  • Desktop application is lightning fast
  • Dedicated browser for betting with auto cookie clearing
  • Standard and middle arbs
  • Arb reliability indicator
  • Notify you when there is a rules mismatch
  • Fairly expensive
  • Only covers 10 sports
  • No native Mac application (requires virtual PC or bootcamp)

Desktop Application

The RebelBetting surebet software is a 50MB download that runs as a standalone program on your computer.

Note: RebelBetting does not have a native Mac compatible version. To run on Mac, you must download a separate program that allows you to run a virtual PC. Alternatively, you must use Bootcamp. For more info, check out this page:

Some people might not like having to download a separate program, but for me, this is a big plus.

Almost all other arbitrage software packages run in your browser, but when they are displaying tens of arbs and hundreds of odds, all while updating multiple times per minute, they can occasionally start lagging and becoming unresponsive.

This is very frustrating when you are halfway through completing an arbitrage bet.

By operating as a dedicated program, the RebelBetting software is capable of using your system resources more efficiently, with less time outs and lagging. You will find that it runs lightning fast and that navigating matches and bookmaker odds are a breeze.


Layout and Interface

My favourite thing about RebelBetting is that the interface is simple and uncrowded.

The arbitrage bets that match your filters are displayed in the main part of the screen. The profit margin, match participants, bet type and odds are all displayed in a simple, easy to understand fashion.

RebelBetting review

I like this because arbitrage betting often requires you to make a number of bets at high stakes in quick succession. A complicated layout can increase the chance of making a mistake under pressure.

Clicking on a particular arb will bring up the specifics in the ‘Arb Details’ panel on the left.

Bookmaker Odds Comparison

In my opinion, the way in which the various bookmaker odds are displayed and compared is a key part of any arbitrage software.

When the odds are displayed in a simple, easily understood manner it is clear:

  • What order you should place your bets in
  • What your backup options are if a particular bet is rejected
  • Whether you can still form an arbitrage opportunity even if one bet is rejected
  • How safe it is to pursue that particular arb

I think many people overlook the importance of this when choosing their arbitrage software.

When you are actually arbitrage betting with your own money, you need to be able to place a number of high stake bets in quick succession without making any mistakes with regards to the match (including time and location), teams/players, betting market, bookmakers and stakes.

Any mistakes here can be extremely costly.


In my opinion, RebelBetting executes this part of their software perfectly. I haven’t seen any other software come close to matching this.

RebelBetting lets you see the betting market depth by clicking on the ‘+’ icon next to each arb. The bookmakers that are accepting bets for that particular outcome and which match the filters you have set are then displayed below that arb.

RebelBetting bookmakers

The fantastic part of this is that next to each bookmaker, a profit margin is displayed. This is the potential profit margin of the arb if you were to carry out the arbitrage bet using that bookmaker and their associated odds for that leg of the bet.

By clicking on a particular bookmaker, the associated profit margin with each of the other bookmakers instantly adjusts accordingly.

This allows you to determine whether an arbitrage bet is suitable, determine which order to place your bets in, commit to it, and then finally execute your bets in less than a minute.

It’s a very simple yet extremely powerful feature of this software. To be honest, I can’t believe that the other software providers have not changed their display of bookmaker odds to match RebelBetting.

With other software packages, you have to spend considerable time calculating what your fallback options are if a bet is rejected, what the potential profit margins would be if the odds dropped etc. This can take a few minutes and it means that many arbitrage betting opportunities will disappear by the time you have finished your calculations.

As a RebelBetting user, you will be one of the first to arrive at any arbitrage bet. This can translate into increased profits.

Number of Arbs Found

RebelBetting covers 90 bookmakers (plus clones) and 10 sports, meaning that they always have plenty of arbitrage bets to serve up.

Having plenty of arbitrage betting opportunities to choose from is always as a positive thing as it allows you to be more restrictive and only go after arbitrage bets that you are confident in.


RebelBetting Bookmakers and Exchanges

RebelBetting covers the following bookmakers as part of their surebetting software.

RebelBetting Supported Bookmakers (click to expand)

  • 10Bet
  • 12bet
  • 12BetUK
  • 138
  • 188bet
  • 18Bet
  • 1xBet
  • 32Red
  • 3et
  • 5Dimes
  • 888sport
  • ATG
  • Bet365
  • Bet9ja
  • Bet-at-home
  • BetClic
  • BetCRIS
  • Betfair
  • Betfred
  • Bethard
  • BetInAsia
  • Betonline
  • Bets10
  • Betsafe
  • Betsson
  • Betway
  • BetWinner
  • Bookmaker
  • Boylesports
  • Bwin
  • Casinostugan
  • Comeon
  • Coral
  • Dafabet
  • Danske Spil
  • DiamondSportsBook
  • Expekt
  • Etoto
  • Fun88UK
  • Gamebookers
  • GiocoDigitale
  • Interwetten
  • Intertops
  • JenningsBet
  • Jetbull
  • LeoVegas
  • Marathonbet
  • Matchbook
  • Merrybet
  • Mobilbet
  • NairaBET
  • NapoleonGames
  • Netbet
  • Nightrush
  • Nordicbet
  • Novibet
  • Paf
  • PartyPoker
  • Pinnacle
  • Rivalo
  • SBObet
  • Scandibet
  • Smarkets
  • Snabbare
  • SpeedyBet
  • Sportingbet
  • Sportmarket
  • Sportsbet AU
  • SportsbettingAG
  • Stanleybet
  • Stoiximan
  • SvenskaSpel
  • Tab AU
  • Tipbet
  • Tipico
  • Titanbet
  • TLCBet
  • TLCBetUK
  • TOPsport
  • Unibet
  • William Hill
  • WilliamHill SE

RebelBetting is continuously adding to this list, to give their customers more and more bookmaker options, which is excellent to see.

RebelBetting Sports

RebelBetting covers the following sports as part of their surebetting software.

RebelBetting Supported Sports (click to expand)

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Aussie Rules
  • Horse Racing
  • Esport

This isn’t as many sports as BetBurger and BetOnValue, but it is still a very decent number. The majority of arbs come from the above sports anyway, so the extra sports covered by those other software packages don’t actually provide that many extra arbs.


Integrated Betting Calculator

As expected, there is a decent built-in arbitrage calculator that allows you to bias your stakes to favour a particular outcome, or round your stakes to avoid bookmaker suspicion.

RebelBetting Calculator

Stake rounding can be set for each individual bookmaker in the bookmaker setup menu. You can even select the currency which you will use to fund that bookmaker and even set whether you are obligated to pay any tax when betting with that bookmaker.

You can set a tax percentage based on how much you stake or on how much you profit.

RebelBetting tax

By having all of the stake rounding, currencies and tax settings saved for each bookmaker ahead of time, you will be able to execute arbitrage bets much faster.

Even if your bookmaker accounts are in different currencies, RebelBetting will automatically calculate the exchange rates and let you know how much you should stake for each leg of the arbitrage bet.

Currency conversion

In the picture above, you can see that by setting Bookmaker 1 as being funded in GBP and Bookmaker 2 in USD, RebelBetting has automatically calculated the stakes in the relevant currencies.

In this case, Bookmaker 1 was a soft bookie and Bookmaker 2 was Pinnacle, so we have set the stake rounding to be quite high for the first bookmaker, but have left the Pinnacle with no stake rounding, as they do not limit arbitrage bettors.


RebelBetting has all of the standard filters, plus a few extras.

RebelBetting filters

As you would expect, you can filter arbs by profit margin, bookmaker and betting market (Win, Asian Handicap etc).


However, you can also filter by number of hours/days until the start of a match (to prevent you from tying up capital on events that are far in the future), filter by the number of bets required to complete the arb, and the age of the arbitrage bet.

RebelBetting filtering

You can also filter to show just bookmaker to bookmaker arbs, or also include bookmaker to betting exchange arbs.

A nice feature of RebelBetting is that it also gives you an estimate of the arb reliability, which is essentially an indicator of the likelihood that one of the bookmakers will void your bet (due to palpable error or similar). You can use this reliability indicator to filter arbs too.


RebelBetting can display regular and negative middles if desired, although no Polish middles unfortunately.

In the options menu, you can select the minimum profit margin of middles that you would like the software to display. The minimum setting is -5%.


Another nice feature of RebelBetting is that it gives you warnings with some arbs that it displays.

RebelBetting warnings

For example, on baseball arbs, it warns you that the same teams often play each other twice on the same day, so make sure that you are betting on the correct match for both sides.

Tennis arbitrage bets can be dangerous, as bookmakers often adopt different rules regarding early retirement or disqualification of players. RebelBetting will only show tennis arbs between bookmakers with consistent rules, unless you choose to combine bookmakers with differing rules.

Finally, it sometimes warns you when an arb involves a bookmaker that is known to suddenly void bets or withhold payouts without reason.

Defensive Arbing

RebelBetting also allows you to place your bets directly from their software, which acts as its own web browser. This keeps all of your betting activity separate from your web browsing, which prevents the bookmakers from tracking you with cookies.

There is also the ability to bet through a proxy, to further disguise your activity. These are excellent defensive arbing features.

RebelBetting proxy

Some other arbitrage betting software have attempted to replicate these features but few execute it as well as RebelBetting in my opinion.

The longevity of your career as an arbitrage bettor is dependent on how long you can stay under bookmakers’ radars. If you choose to go with the RebelBetting software, you are likely to bet undetected for longer than with the other software packages.


RebelBetting is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Japanese (日本語)
  • Portuguese
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • German
  • Greek (Ελληνικά)
  • French
  • Korean
  • Slovak
  • Chinese

RebelBetting Forum/Community

RebelBetting comes with a free arbitrage betting forum that all members can access and post questions and comments in.

This is useful if you want to discuss betting strategies with fellow arbers, or simply give feedback on the software to the RebelBetting development team.

It can be accessed here:


RebelBetting offers 3 different payment plans for their sure betting software.

RebelBetting price
  • €39 for 1 week
  • €129 for 1 month
  • €581 for 6 months

50% OFF Discount!

RebelBetting have generously agreed to offer a 2 for 1 discount on their arbitrage and value betting software for readers of The Arb Academy!

Use the button below to find out how you can redeem your discount!

I recommend that you choose your subscription based on how long you plan on doing arbitrage betting for.

RebelBetting’s 6 month subscription is good value relative to their monthly fee (it’s the equivalent of 4.5 months fee), so this is an option if you have enough starting capital to purchase 6 months in advance.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will retain access to the service until the end of your current billing period.

Payments can be made via credit/debit card, Skrill and Neteller.

Check out the RebelBetting website for more information:

If €129 per month is too expensive, you can try out RebelBetting Lite, which operates the same as the standard RebelBetting software, but only shows arbs which are older than 30 minutes.

Note that this is not the same as the standard arb feed delayed by 30 minutes, which would display a lot of arbs which no longer exist.

RebelBetting Lite shows arbs which still exist after 30 minutes. There will be much fewer arbs available than the full version, but it only costs €59 per month, about half the price.

It also does not display any horse racing arbitrage bets. If you’re interested, get more information here!

RebelBetting Review - Conclusion

RebelBetting has put together an outstanding arbitrage betting software package. It has a simple, uncrowded interface, but is packed with all of the necessities for serious arbitrage betting.

Despite being incredibly user friendly, it doesn't sacrifice on any of the more advanced features that experienced arbers have come to expect.

However, this outstanding design and many features come at a substantial price - €129 per month for the RebelBetting software is no small sum.

This is comparable to the likes of BetBurger, BetOnValue and OddStorm - but RebelBetting is superior to all of them in my opinion.

However, you will need a decent starting bankroll if you are planning on using RebelBetting. I recommend that you have at least €2,000 and at least a few hours each week to dedicate to arbitrage betting to ensure that you can get a decent profit.

If you have less capital or time to invest than this, you may find it difficult to make much of a profit after paying the subscription fee. However, the generous 2 for 1 offer from RebelBetting will save you some money when you are getting started!

I hope you have enjoyed my RebelBetting review! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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